Introducing a dummy??

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tras Posts: 1460
I hate dummies and have held off giving one to dd, just a thing in my head, probably down to 4 year olds walking around like Maggie Simpson. Anyway, had her at the GP yesterday and he advised me to start using one because it lowers the risk of cot death. Have to now after hearing that!!! Just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to when I should give it to her. Her bedtime routine is pretty much sorted at this stage, but should I start giving her the dummy at bed time now, or is it a good idea to give it to her for a bit during the day (def could use it to stretch her between feeds,....). Just don't want to be waking up all night to pop back in the dummy in 6 months time.......!!!
charli Posts: 5994
i introduced one on dd2 at 3 weeks, she isnt mad for it - doesnt look for it at all, i give it to her to last between feeds and to get her off for a nap in the day, she doesnt even take it at bedtime as her musical mobile sends her off, like you her bedtime routine is sorted and she's asleep within 5 mins - tho she is 16 weeks compared to your little one, i never have to give it during the night as she is sleeping through but i presume your LO is still waking for feeds, so unless she is waking between feeds in the night i wouldnt bother - you'll notice in a few weeks tho that the dodo will help to stretch the night feeds i introduced it to dd1 at 6 weeks i wasnt a fan when pregnant on my first but i found it great to help with the breast feeding and helped me to keep it up
the moms Posts: 1427
There's a good article here on the pros and cons of using dummies: It does state that the link between dummies and SIDS is not proven yet so not to introduce one just for this reason. [quote:3bpkxtji]"The results of this study do not mean that all babies should routinely be given dummies. The authors of this study say that their findings add support for a protective effect of dummies but there is no "proof" yet for a cause and effect relationship."[/quote:3bpkxtji]
silíní Posts: 4219
Hi Tras, we introduced one last week, as dd seems to have a 'happy hour' between about 9pm-1am where she just won't settle. It took us a good few gos to get her to take it, but lastnight it settled her at one stage so i'm planning on just using it in this situation at the moment, she doesnt really need it during the day.