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honeyrugger Posts: 43
Please help me I have been battling with this decision for months. (Well its been on my mind shall we say.) We are getting married up North at the end of May, a lot of the guests will have to make the 6 hour drive to attend the wedding. I am in two minds about sending out save the date cards. The options are: 1. Send out save the date cards only to the guests who are travelling a long way. Send these cards now and send everyone the normal invites six weeks before the wedding. or 2. Send the people who have to travel thier invites three months in advance and the remainder six weeks before the weddings. I want to give people the chance to plan thier trips and book accomodation etc. However I am concerned about sending save the date cards and forgetting people at this early stage. but I am also concerned about sending invites three months early. So opinions please ladies and gentlemen. Thanks in advance!
Lillypip Posts: 59
Hi Honeyrugger, I'm living in London, and getting married in Galway next May. We thought about sending 'save the date' out. But decided against it and are sending out the invites to family and friends who have to travel the distance before Christmas and the remainder will be sent out Feb / March time. Hope this helps :o)ll
not too girly Posts: 400
We're planning to do the same as Lillypip, though we don't have a huge number travelling from abroad (a few in the US and Oz) and it is these ones that are getting the invites pre-Christmas. Save the Dates cost money... better spent on something really important to you I would think...
June09SoExcited Posts: 598
I'm UK based and getting married at home in Dublin in June. I just sent an e-mail back in August to all my UK based friends saying the date the wedding was on and that they would receive an official invitation in due course but in the meantime, here's some hotels in the vicinity that I'd recommend if they wanted to book. Then when Ryanair started selling their flights for that period, I sent another e-mail saying that they were now available if anyone wanted to book them. No one has batted an eye lid that I didn't send official "save the date" cards as they knew I only had their interests at heart so were happy with the e-mail.
kila2008 Posts: 678
Could you possibly send a save the date/christmas card and hit the two birds with the one stone?
doesmybumlookbiginthis? Posts: 480
MY FRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED ON MAY DAY NEXT YEAR...SHE SENT US OUR SAVE THE DATE ABOUT 6 WEEKS AGO (SO 7 MONTHS IN ADVANCE) to let us know what the date was and what hotels b&b's are available etc-thought it was a great idea and booked my hotel room there and then! ebay and vista print do cheap save the dates
tilsun Posts: 4506
I sent some save the date cards to people overseas, especially those who would not be on email regularly. I made them up myself very cheaply, that way everyone is clear when and where it is on, and know they will definitely be invited so can plan ahead. For other people I sent emails
she Posts: 3298
I'm getting married in May in Galway(from Dublin). We've already given out our invites as our hotel is taken bookings already for the wedding. Just give them out when you want to. I don't think this 6 weeks before hand rule applies too much any more.
honeyrugger Posts: 43
Thanks girls I really appreciate your help, think we will probably do the save the date christmas card thing! O-O