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blackraspberry Posts: 70
Hi all :). I haven't been here in ages! It's only 4.5 months to go now :ooh Just looking for guidance. We've designed our invites, but we want electronic RSVPs because we live in Canada. So we're including an "RSVP" card, but with details of how to email/text an RSVP. I've no idea how to word it though, and I'm also wondering what other kind of information you'd normally include with an invite? We have a wedding website... Should we just put a link to that, or something cheesy like "For more details, see [blah]"? All guidance appreciated! x
allsĂșn Posts: 253
We're not sending rsvp cards on the invite have written please rsvp by... And have put details email, text and an address as some people will still want to send a card. You Could just add details of you website to if you wanted.
ShinyBride Posts: 418
I'd say just put it at the bottom of your invitations, and keep it simple.. RSVP by 30th June 2015 by email or text: Email: mrandmrstobe @ whatever dotcom Text: 00 CANADA MBL NO Website: mrandmrstobe.weddingwebsite
goingmad Posts: 657
Hi girls, sorry to jump on this thread, but I'm in the process of designing our invites and RSVP cards. Does it matter if the backing card of the RSVP card is not the same colour as the card used for the invites?