invitation information smth different ideas???

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birdie1 Posts: 13
Hi guys, I am putting together my invites at the moment. Was wondering if any of you can rack your brains and try to come up with some different ideas of doing directions and maybe an information sheet. All help grateful :xox
wonderwife Posts: 463
I think these are cute but not sure how expensive they are... maybe you could have a go at something like this yourself? Map on one side directions on the other?
birdie1 Posts: 13
Thanks engaged 2009 they are very cute. O:o)
birdie1 Posts: 13
sshh Posts: 416
would you consider doing something like a newspaper style thing eg The Wedding Times with articles about the venue, places to stay, maybe some ads? It might take a bit of time but I think word has some templates. The date could be your wedding date etc. Rem if you do something sort of unique like this it might be a nice idea to get a photo of it for your album...HTH