Invitation list- Anyone else pissed at doing this?

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wwwife Posts: 948
Ok so we sat down last night to do the in invites and confirm numbers- we were both over as we have some family travelling from England- Needless to say we had a bit of a falling out and I left the room for a bit. Now we ended up getting it sorted and now love each other all over again. Both of us have to cut some people out and put on hold untill we get RSVPs from England. We were told that it is a stressfull thing doing the list- as much as we would love everyone there we have to have some sort of limit. Is there others out there that get so stressed over this or is it just me being extremly dramatic ?
Jawl Posts: 8881
For 6 weeks now I have been saying 'we need to draw up a list tomorrow night'. Still waiting for tomorrow night to come as I'm dreading it.
wwwife Posts: 948
That was like us for the last 4 weeks we have been putting it off or something came up. So last night put the kids to bed and we started, sorriest thing I ever done :yelrotflmaosmilie: So earlier I got the list out and crossed of a few as much as I hated it though its done all I have to do now is assemible them now already did the 1s for England so at least its started. Its true tho its fecking stressfull O:| we are having 150 sit down and really dont want anymore. Happy inviting Jawl.....GOOD LUCK you may just need it :compress
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
Wait until you get to the table plan if you think the list is stressful :hyper: and when it's all over you'll wonder what all the fuss and upset was about.
wwwife Posts: 948
OH yeah that should be a fun night :yelrotflmaosmilie:
waterdale Posts: 162
Did our list a few weeks after getting engaged as we had to book hotel, didnt realise we would have over a hundred extra that hotel cannot take, since jan have been meaning to sit down and start cutting the list, I DREAD IT, their will be plenty or arguments over this one, i hope to get it dont this week as i need to start getting invites ordered O:| O:| O:|
lux Posts: 6270
I can recommend what we did. We're inviting 100, 50 each. Any time my parents ask about including extra rellies I can blame himself and vice versa. We've told them its our day so we are inviting people we want there, so we've had very little hassle after the initial "But you have to invite Aunty June" rumpus. Made the lists very stress free and means no "side" will dominate the day which I've seen happen at weddings.
bigjt11 Posts: 170
I believe in principal with the 50 / 50 rule, tried it ourselves, but it didn't work for us as my OH side is just really small, a handful of relatives, so he started inviting people to make up numbers whereas i had to knock people off because my family is huge! That obviously didn't work!! A few heated discussions there alright!! But he eventually saw sense! So our wedding is going to be dominated by my side, but it is only because there is more of us! I am though dreading the table plans....
jellywellies Posts: 2268
Grr .. Id a reply typed and it disappeared!! lol Just saying that I hated doing the list - Ive a few im still hmming and haaaaing at - ive all my invites made (for the day) but have a few spare just in case!! The table plans will be a laugh too as we've a family tiff going on at the moent - so the way I originally thought Id do the tables I now dont think i can ... weddings are stressful!!
New Mrs Posts: 660
Im dreading doing ours, as were well over our number but h2b doesnt know that!!