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misstt Posts: 66
Anyone ordered invitations from How did you find them? Have been looking on website, doesn't seem to be a way of ordering samples.
bubbled Posts: 79
I'm getting mine with them (wedding not till next year) you can order over the phone, the girl in the shop ruth said that too me...their shop is worth a visit though if your in dublin cause they've loads of samples and are great with the suggestions and ideas, shop is in swords. No online ordering, but defo is phone ordering, cause I've picked mine so will order over the phone when the time comes
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Hi, I only heard of them today, had a look at their site and saw a couple of invites that I liked so I e-mailed as I'm not in the Dublin area and in fairness to Ruth she'd e-mailed me back within an hour both times. That's the only dealing I've had with them but I always look on things like that positively!
candypants Posts: 8575
I thought these were expensive, great quality though. Theres alot more cheaper than there if invitations isnt top priority and your watching the pennys! :wv
Gummiebear Posts: 2911
Ordered my invites there and am picking them upp tomorrow. If you go into shop Ruth will do up samples for you and she also has most of them done up already they are fab and will tell ya what they are like when I get them tomorrow.
soulful Posts: 1697
I got some materials in here for making my own and the girls are so helpful and nice O:o) Its in Swords just above the Centra shop
Gummiebear Posts: 2911
Picked my invites up today and I am delighted with them. They are absolutely fabulous would highly recommend this shop :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
MeSB Posts: 3785
Gummiebear Posts: 2911
[quote="Flower Angel":3fntjvy4]If you have your own drawing will they print it on invites?[/quote:3fntjvy4] Not sure Flower angel. Maybe ring and ask Ruth is lovely and very good to deal with. Did you try Reads in town either? Not sure what they are like but I think they do it.