Invitation to Afters - Etiquette??

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doodini Posts: 159
We're looking at a venue about 2 hrs away from where we live. As a result we weren't going to do an Afters at all, but when we look at our LARGE list, there are cousins and people that we would prefer to invite to the afters. Is it very uncool to do that if you are having it very far away and potentially will need to stay overnight etc. In a way it's the few people that we don't particularly care if they come or not, so if it's offputting we don't really mind. But we wouldn't want to offend people - so if it's fairly standard practice then it's not so bad, if you know what i mean? What's the standard etiquette on distance and having an afters? Ta D
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
Hiya, we kind of have a similar situation but neither of us are that bothered hehe. We're trying to keep numbers close to 130 so at the very start we each wrote down who we really wanted to have there. Neither of us are particularly close to our cousins so we aren't inviting any. We'll invite them to the afters just to be polite though. Maybe send them an evening invite and let them decide for themselves what they want to do and don't worry about it after that
jenr Posts: 313
i'm the same, wedding in galway when all in dublin, we simply werent gonna do an afters but tested the water with people and people said they would make a weekend of it and would love to come to the afters! its still a good part of the day to come to an afters, think of every other celebration 21st, 40th etc that you would attend at 8oc and have a great night! our list actually got much bigger since we decided to do an afters and if they dont come its fine but its their choice!