Invitations as Gaelige?

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frankiebabe06 Posts: 518
Im not fluent in Irish nor near it, but I love the language and am starting to learn it (our son goes to an Irish school) Anyhow I thought it would be nice to have our invitations in Irish! Does anyone have a link that would translate the invatition wording to irish or did anyone else do this?
Mrs Princess Sparkle Posts: 3854
Sorry, no idea if there's a company that does then in Irish- I'm sure there must be somewhere in the country!- but I just wanted to say that I think it's a lovely idea- hope you manage to get it done somewhere :wv
frankiebabe06 Posts: 518
Ah thanx! We actaully gonna make the inviations ourselves so all i really need is the wording! or a fluent gaelige speaker that can translate the wording for me.... :eek
Valkstar Posts: 2747
I work in an Irish speaking company so if you send me the wording I'll get it translated for you *)
aoifem79 Posts: 475
I am hoping to have a mix of Irish and English thanks to my friends who are gaeltoirs so if you want pm me what you want to say I am sure they will help out. I personnally love the idea. My close friend is doing her reading in Irish as well.
Fiona13 Posts: 1366
I think that is a great idea.. good luck with the invites...
Spudnik2b Posts: 1804
Sounds like a lovely idea, best of luck with the invites and the translation :wv
susied Posts: 268
At the last wedding I was at the FOB gave his speech in both English and Irish. I don't know the language at all but it meant a lot to the families and I thought it was lovely
Betsy May Posts: 2168
I would love to put some Irish on our invitations but don't think I can have it all in Irish as the majority of our guests are from other countries. Do you think there is a line of Irish I can add to the invites in addition to the "normal" wording? Aoifem79 - can you tell me what mix you are using?
kitten Posts: 893
i would feel quite irritated by getting an invitation in irish, especially if the couple weren't native speakers from the godforsaken blaskets or somewhere similarly bleak.