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izzy2 Posts: 165
am looking very black and cream invitations. something simple. have found lots of black and white but not cream. just wondering has anyone come accross any???? have searched alot of websites wit no luck.any info appreciated
wah Posts: 1414
have you tried lantz?
izzy2 Posts: 165
i did but thanks for that.
HappyEverAfter Posts: 143
Hi, I'm updating my website at the moment so can't send you a link but I can definitely do an invite in black and cream. If you visit you'll see the full range of colours available. If you want to email me separately for a sample/quote it might be easier. One suggestion would be to have a black envelofold (see envelopments website) with an ivory roses card layer (the Rose card on my website Or a cream envelofold/pocketfold with black layer. Card can has a lovely linen or pearlescent finish. Hope I haven't confused more than helped.
pink haze Posts: 26
Try here www.chunkycherubdesigns we used this company and they where very accommodating and will do any thing you want in your colour scheme hope this helps
Ficidy Posts: 1753
Here ya go... ... nvitations HTH
izzy2 Posts: 165
thanks a million ladies!much appreciated.... Ficidy your a star .....just what i was lookin for....thank you!
Ficidy Posts: 1753
[quote="izzy2":g78rdyiq]thanks a million ladies!much appreciated.... Ficidy your a star .....just what i was lookin for....thank you![/quote:g78rdyiq] No prob. Just to let you know that if you go on to buy sample or whatever it might say that they don't ship to Ireland, but just send a message to the designer and they'll change their shipping. I've bought a few samples from that site and some of the designers had to do this.
Babydoll82 Posts: 313
Mine are cream and black - well black font and inside of envelope is black really plain from william arthur letterpress ones