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skybusgirl Posts: 518
Hi Guys. How much should I be expecting to pay (roughly) for about 70-80 invitations.... I did the save the date with Vista Print but to be hoenst the postage and packaging was shocking and it was too much pressure trying to decide the wording online etc. We are going to have odd rsvp's where we include the menu choice so want to make sure I get it right.
DrDia Posts: 172
It can range from anything from 2-3 quid per invite to........well up to anything really. Would you consider making them yourself?
skybusgirl Posts: 518
God thats a lot..does that include rsvp cards.. I would make them myself, except I couldnt draw a straight line with a ruler! Suppose vista print are a lot cheaper...
DrDia Posts: 172
Ya that would include RSVP's. I used for the materials and I made mine and they were fab!!! I'm ususally crap at that sort of stuff! Or try - I've seen people on this site use them before Good luck x
frankenbride Posts: 419
I got nice invites online but ordered the RSVP's and direction cards (just put them on business cards) from vistaprint. they worked out well as think for t-shirt, 250 business cards (I know I won't need that many but they were free) printed both sides as directions on one side and alternative hotel on the other side, 100 postcards for RSVPs with envelopes worked out about €30 as all items were mainly free just had to pay for delivery but if I'd spent over €45 I'd of got free delivery so should've added in Christmas cards but couldn't get my mine around the wedding. I use the UK site rather than the Irish one and sign up for special offer email as this helps cut back a bit. My actual invites were €1.50 each I got them off mariaslittlewrappers I love them we've been told how different they are and they worked out about €160 including ordering shiny envelopes and the above for 80 invites but I could've done them cheaper but I loved the gold/purple envelopes where it says celebration she puts in Wedding looks great
workinggal Posts: 147
you should try we've ordered a sample from them so hopefully they will be nice but the deal seems great and you get everything you need. O-O
miss may b Posts: 528
I'm paying £180 for 70 invites, RSVP cards with envelopes and an additional card for directions & accommodation information. Really happy with the price and love the invitations. Ordered from