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shinney3 Posts: 21
Hi all, just on for some advise on the invites. We have three little girls, one who we lost summer 2012 at ten days old and we want to include her in little parts of the wedding just as her sisters will be. I have a design in mind for the invite, three birds on a tree (to signify our three girls ) looking down on 2 birds lower down and the words 'Mammy and Daddy are getting married' on it. Firstly is it a good idea or would it look ...odd. I have a designer in mind, we had a benefit night for a charity who helped us after our daughter died and a friend of a friend designed a poster and she's agreed to design an invite but that leaves me needing a printer. Any recommendations on printers where you can upload your own design? Sorry its so long lol :-8
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
Sorry for your loss Shinney. That must have been a really difficult time for you & your family. I think your invite idea is quite lovely. It's subtle with the use of the birds but of course you and those close to you will recognise what they represent. With regards printers. ...where are you based? What about who printed the posters for you previously? Would they do such work as invitations?
lovehugs Posts: 72
So sorry for your loss and I think its a lovely idea to have her memory as part of your day. You could also have one of the birds flying over head to represent her like and angel.
shinney3 Posts: 21
Thanks girls, never thought of the original printer, they do wedding invites but I guess they would do custom. Love hugs thats a lovely idea on it, I'll ask about including that. It was a horrific time and its hard planning a wedding knowing she wont be there and thats why I want to include her as much is possible in the little things.