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tooyay Posts: 299
Hi Wollies I was just talkin to the OH and we were discussing the invites. He is french as are half his family his dad doesnt speak much english and his Aunts definately dont! I was wondering if other wollies have this too and i was wondering if you were doing half your invites in english / other language and if so did /are you doing them yourself or is there a company that do this for you? Thanks :)
mshelly Posts: 746
Hey there My H2B is German and while most of the German guests will have a good standard of English we are still going to put the invites going to Germany in German. We are doing our own invites. I have come up with the wording in English and H2B has to translate it for me. He will probably google some standard german wedding wording for the invitations so to get a good idea as to the type of language he needs to use.
curlysu Posts: 811
My OH is French too, and I did bilingual invitations, this is what the inside is like :
tooyay Posts: 299
Thanks Ladies think we'll b doing ours so! Will get OH to do the translations :o)ll