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Nostress Posts: 1606
Hi Just reading another thread and the general concensus is if you invite someone to the hens you have to invite them to the wedding Now I am inviting about 30 to my hens and out of that 30 there are 6 I have invited to the wedding. So is it normal to invite to both? What did most of ye do Not that it's going to affect me as all invites are done and dusted but just curious Thanks :thnk
rosmahony Posts: 67
Any hen that I have ever been invited to then I was also invited to the wedding. I would just have assumed that this is what was done but everyone is different. And to be honest for our wedding I am inviting 4 out of 25 people from work to the full day but the others will be coming to the afters and I am sure more than 4 will be coming to the hen.
gopro Posts: 1801
if I was invited to a hen I would expect an invite to the wedding I hope u ave told the 24 ppl not bn invited to the wedding thus
nelle Posts: 552
Well, I'm only having 10 of my closest friends on the hen, so they're defo all coming to the wedding. But I do know that I'd be majorly peed off if I was invited on the hen and not to the wedding - I wouldn't go on that hen at all!! Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it is true.
Coogee Posts: 78
Think it depends what size wedding. Sometimes people like a very small intimate wedding but see the hen as a chance to celebrate with friends they can't invite to the wedding - don't see anything wrong with this provided it's not a hen where friends are expected to spend a fortune. I was at a hen once and not invited to the wedding - but I knew, as did most of us there that the wedding was going to be family only.
Nostress Posts: 1606
Everyone knows they are not invited to the wedding. We are having a small wedding and that's the only reason. None of friends/family are in anyway upset about not being invited thankfully they are understanding to our situation.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Yeah, I'd generally assume I was invited to the wedding if I was invited to the hen. Everyone invited to my hen was invited to the wedding. I think it would have been totally awkward otherwise. All the talk was about the wedding, people wanting to see the ring, hear about the venue and then when everyone was leaving lots of 'Yayyyyy see you on the 7th!' I think it would have been mad awkward to have a few girls there not invited to the big day and just leaving with an 'Er, ok, bye then.' I dunno, I just think it's a bit cheeky to ask people to spend money on a night out for you and then not invite them to the wedding. I think I'd feel quite put out if I paid for a hotel night a dinner and wee presents for the bride and was then given a cheery wave and a 'see ya!' :o0 I suppose though OP ifyou're having a family only small wedding then people will understand.
micls Posts: 1156
I wouldn't invite anyone to a pre wedding event that wasn't invited to the wedding.
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
[quote="micls":qkrq72hr]I wouldn't invite anyone to a pre wedding event that wasn't invited to the wedding.[/quote:qkrq72hr] +1
highbeam Posts: 2578
All the girls going to the hen are invited to the wedding. The only time I have heard of exceptions to this is if 1) It's a very small family wedding or 2) where there is a lot of people from work invited to the hen and they obviously all cannot take the day off work for the wedding but are usually invited to the evening. In both cases I think it is only fair that people are told this is the case.