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sciencegirl Posts: 428
Hi I was wondering how much should I budget for 120 invites? I have plenty of time to make them myself so could you recommend websites or shops in Dublin for DIY cards etc. I was initially planning to spend €500 including postage but H2B and I had another wedding budget pow wow last night so trying to reel in the spending with difficulty. O:| O:| I like nice invites but do they really matter? I know it sets the tone of the wedding but do people really remember what invites look like? Do people notice a €4 invite compared to a cheaper alternative? For those who made their own, could you show me them please and rough costings please [img:2knhuxy0][/img:2knhuxy0]
missi moo moo Posts: 1700
I got a very good quote off these guys, haven't ordered them yet but seen them recommended on here. don't know how it compares to making your own
Betsy May Posts: 2168
You can come in at a lot less than €500 if you DIY - try Daintree or Lantz in Dublin (their websites will give you a good idea of what you can achieve for what price). I think or (US based) are very popular amongst WOLs too. Just do a search on invitations here and you'll get loads of threads mentioning websites. Invitations do set the tone for your wedding and people will notice and comment on them but would rarely weight up the cost (unless they are quite petty). There are so many companies out there doing them now that you don't have to sacrifice style and quality for cost.
Éabhasmammy! Posts: 96
sciencegirl, have a look at it's an american website. Click into wedding, then professionally printed wedding invitations, then when you scroll down go into Birchcraft studios. I ordered 125 invitations with lined envelopes and my rsvp cards with our address printed on the envelopes 25 cards (like a mini invite) with both our names printed on the outside and blank on the inside, just for a few evening invites ( they dont do them so didn't mind writing the few that we might send cos the card is soooo cute ) any way..... got them shipped from america and that cost $72 but when converted the toal cost of everything (ye i mean including shipping) was €165. I've showed them to mam (who'd be v. picky by the way) and seriously she can't believe what i got for what i paid. In a nutshell.... I totally recommend this website. Two other girls getting married that i work with and they have now ordered theirs through the same lady. Here's a little peep at mine (winter wedding obviously)
birdie Posts: 954
hi sciencegirl, we ordered our invitations from and it was about €165 for 90 full invites and 30 afters, there's not a huge selection on the website but the designs there can be tweaked, meaning really you can design your own card with Veronica (we started off with one that was on the site and then changed the type of paper, the colour, the design on the front, the wording and the font, all that was left the same was the size of the thing!!), she's very very helpful and great to deal with, HTH!
mia82 Posts: 37
Hiya I ordered my invitations from and they just arrived yesterday and are absolutely fabulous. I ordered 75 day invitations, 75 reply cards, 50 evening invitations and 75 thank you crds. Total came to 270.00, thats including postage and customs. COuldnt go wrong for that money, i was getting quotes of over 600euro! Plus there are some really fabulous stuff on the website. Very helpful too!! Only took about 10 working days to receive them too! Nice idea to make them yourselves but unfortunately I just wouldnt have the time or patients. Good luck with whatever you decide!!
Kop Mama Posts: 804
I just recieved my invitations from I got 90 day invitations and 50 evening invitations for E185 and E29 postage E213 altogether. They send free samples too which is really good. They are really good to deal with and takes 5 days from approval of proof. I went with the red hearts design and I love it.
mrsgameover Posts: 383
Hey Sciencegirl, I'm ordering everything for mine, including mass booklets, thank you cards and place settings from . There a huge variety of different combinations on the site and something to suit every price range. HTH
Milly83 Posts: 3620
I made my own. I bought all the cards in the Art and Hobby shop for about 30e in total. I bought the sticky letters in there as well for 40c per sheet. Then I bought ribbon and these love heart things with a rose on them as well. Also bought a glue gun. I would say my invitations cost no more than 70euro. I printed them at home in next to no time and wrote in the names. Everyone has been complimenting them and it saved a hell of a lot