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LynSept05 Posts: 146
Anyone know where I can get invites that are a bit different from the norm? I'd like smth that's laid out a bit differently or looks a bit different but can't find anything in the shops and have no imagination or design skills so can't design one myself :cry: Thanks :wink:
oddwire Posts: 842
[url:28l7f5ky][/url:28l7f5ky] [url:28l7f5ky][/url:28l7f5ky] [url:28l7f5ky][/url:28l7f5ky] [url:28l7f5ky][/url:28l7f5ky] a few sites to get you started. scissorspaperstone are very original and different to the norm.
AGuest Posts: 1262
On this page there are links to some great American websites that I used to get "inspiration" for our invitations - we're getting a friend (who's a graphic designer) to do ours but you could always order from these sites - they're quite different to the normal invitations you see over here - some nice patterns/colours, etc. ... itationbio HTH
SummerDays Posts: 665
We've decided we are going to go for ours from They do oversized postcards which will be the main invites and we will also get normal sized postcards for the RSVp cards.. I love the I Do Candy hearts design..
Perci Posts: 3847
We got ours from and I think they would be classed as different form the norm.
snozberry Posts: 1212
heres ours.... ... invite.jpg thought you would get a laugh anyway!! Everyone raved about them.....
Twinkle Posts: 174 we got our caricature invitations from them but they also do a wonderful range of 'hand-made' invitations as well
Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
We got ours from They're satin scrolls. Should be arriving this week. :)
Sammag Posts: 7
If you see any ones you like from those American sites and don't want to pay the costs and hassle of duty etc.. I can do them for you if you'd like. I'm a Graphic designer who's starting up an invite company. Because of my many years of experience in the design field I have great connections with paper suppliers and printers etc - hence lower rates. (Got the idea of starting up after doing my own wedding invites as I got so many great comments on them). I produce more 'design-led' invites and can source letterpressing, engraving, foil-blocking etc.. if you want. If you don't have any ideas for what you want I can help you in that area too. If you're interested send me a mail.
CamillaP-B Posts: 17
I have received one from indianweddinginvitations and it was very different. Personally I did not like it at all, the case reminded me of a glassees case and to be honest anyone else who saw it did not like it either. But if there is something to be said for it, it was different!