IPhone or camcorder?

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luckylass1 Posts: 477
I had always thought would be nice to have camcorder to record the days before baby's arrival and the hospital and all those amazing moments, money wise it's getting bit tighter with arrival coming in 2 mths. My predicament is I have IPhone should I just use that and save expense of camcorder. What are you guys doing?
petalrose Posts: 33
We were looking into this aswell. Cheapest price i got for a camcorder was e170 which is a little out of our price range. I was looking in the Lidl book and they have a camcorder for around e70, so I think we will probably go for this!
luckylass1 Posts: 477
Oh is that on sale is lidl now?
Daff Posts: 11644
I feel awful cause my Dad got us a camcorder for dd1's birth and we never use it. Maybe for a few weeks but tbh phones are what you have on you at the time and just so much easier to use. I'd definatley go with the iphone if that was the choice
stickwoman Posts: 2394
There have been camcorders on offer on Groupon and MegaDeals over the last two weeks for around 60/70€... you could try subscribing to those? You could get lucky and grab a cheaper one. My friend got one about three weeks ago (not for pregnancy purposes) and it's fab.