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LittleLily Posts: 3682
Do people share the opinions expressed on the page? Just wondering. Its only got 922 likes so I guess not many people but I'm still surprised at that.
Sassypants Posts: 4461
I'm disgusted with it. I reported it and posted my disgust. I'm sure they laughed as I definitely "fed the trolls". My little sister and her boyfriend are in Oz, not by choice (even though they are having a great time). They were living from week to week, with very little money and fewer prospects. I'm sure there's a lot of people very hurt by the page and the things that are being posted. I 100% do not agree.
Black Velvet Posts: 130
Can you tell me what this page is about? Is it saying people have emigrated for the craic or something?
LittleLily Posts: 3682
From their "About" section [quote:4rnmelo7]About #IrelandAbandoners For all those that left the Country when she needed you most you will not be welcomed back to reap the rewards of the crops we are sowing Description #IrelandAbandoners in 2008 Ireland went into recession. The young people hit the pubs and spent all their money thinking it was a few days off hashing. It soon became clear there were no more houses to be built. They began a mass emigration leaving most of the small towns in Ireland like "ghost towns". Some people however stayed behind. Realising that the building trade had gone they began to diversify, The learned new trades and got better educations. They became inventive started new businesses and contributed to the recovery of a broken Ireland. This is not a time for pointing the finger blaming the government or the banks. fact is we are in the situation we are in and that is that. Leaving for Australia or America because you are too thick to change your career is no help to anyone. I say take down your tri colours that you fly so proudly in the foreign lands, remove your county colour jerseys that you wear to show your "support" for your country, because you abandoned her when she needed you most!! When the British invaded the country, if everyone had of left where would that of left us? men sacrificed more than a few quid and a fancy lifestyle for their country. Many men went hungry for their flag so as turn coats and scape goats you have no right to fly the Irish flag. Being Irish is more than just where you were born, it is about standing up for yourself and your country, freedom and family not running away and abandoning your country and country men. The true Irish men are at home working hard to get things back on their feet, dealing with the debt that they left behind. Christmas saw the return of many abandoners, once again small local businesses were thriving, selling food to feed them, pubs were once again full. Now its all gone, 2013 will see the further closure of many more small businesses and it is your fault now not the government. If they had all stayed at home there would have been a greater population, greater population needs fed (opportunities for more shops), people want drink (opportunities for more pubs) people need lifts home (opportunities for more taxis) instead of running away like cowards into burrows or mines or what ever they call the places that cowards run to, if every person stayed at home and thought to themselves what does my neighbour need that nobody else is doing, and started doing something new. Employing people, making money flow once more. Its a big circle of chain, but when links start going missing money does not flow any more. Basically you have all left now, many of you hope to return one day when things pick up, when the economic climate changes to suit you, well, guess who is changing it? the people that stayed behind we will not allow you to reap the benefit of the crops that we are sowing now! Take down your Tri Colours, you are not worthy of flying them and are not welcome back so stay where you are because the Irishness is better off without you![/quote:4rnmelo7]
Black Velvet Posts: 130
They lost me at "if everyone had of left".... Sorry I'm fussy about grammar. It's clearly written by a dim twat. Rich calling other people "too thick".
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Saw something about this on Twitter last week I think. Load of utter tosh. No I do not agree with the sentiments at all. Emigration in times of recession is an age old thing, a fact of life, that happens in every country and has happened to Ireland again and again. It is not new. In 100 years time there will still be movement of people between countries, it's simply a fact, something that happens. It is, for many, not a choice but something they had to do literally to put food on the table. For others who did choose to leave Ireland, even though they had jobs here, I say fair play and good luck to them. People have to do what they have to do, what's best for their family or even simply what they want to do and that's just the way it is. Whether you choose to leave or are forced to leave it's hard enough to make a new life without nonsense like this. It must be very hard to read stuff like this as someone who emigrated. Crazy stuff.
lorraine78 Posts: 988
Its probably just a bored teenager trying to get a rise out of people.This is definitely one of the most stupid pages i've ever come across on facebook.I wouldn't even bother responding if i lived abroad,thats all they want.
bobby2012 Posts: 644
I really doubt many share thisopinion. Pages like these are created by people who are unrealistic and have no concept of what their country is truly facing. People with two feet on the ground would not condemn a person for leaving to secure themselves a better life.
hollyintuscany Posts: 36
As an emigrant, I can assure you that whatever ignorant buffoon wrote this barely got a snort out of me.
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
To misquote a song..50 million Irish people can't be wrong.