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whitedaisy Posts: 761
Sign the petition and right the awful cheating that occured last night!! ... rance.html
emlo Posts: 1506
Folks, it's just not going to happen! While it may be the first time something like this has happened Ireland, we're certainly not the first, and until they introduce video refereering or something similar, it will continue to happen to other teams.
whitedaisy Posts: 761
of course its not the first time it has happend, and we do need the video refs, so hopefully petitions like this might make FIFA realise that and do something about it!
annonTTCer Posts: 532
It was a terrible ngiht for sport in general. Those lads played their hearts out and to lose to a goal that could have been dissallowed in seconds had video evidenc beeen called into paly immediately.its just gut wrenching!!! For sure this has happened before and no dount will happen again but it was such a blatant hand ball So much money is at stake in soccer it just makes no sense to me how they arent using video eveidence like they do in rugby, tennis, etc But on a postive note, I am so proud of the irish team, they showed such spirit and they done the whole country proud for every second they played last night well done lads!!!
BusyDee Posts: 8527
There was a guy just on Gerry Ryan saying how in 2006 FIFA declared a match void due to the discissions the ref made in that match! So it can be done! No harm in trying.
emlo Posts: 1506
[quote="DCee":1yrfpzci]There was a guy just on Gerry Ryan saying how in 2006 FIFA declared a match void due to the discissions the ref made in that match! So it can be done! No harm in trying.[/quote:1yrfpzci] FIFA are the very ones who made it harder for Ireland to qualify in the first place, as they wanted the big names at the World Cup! Somehow I just don't see it happening. If they were to replay such a high profile game as this, it would make headlines and all the other teams who have been the victims of ban refeering decisions would come out of the woodwork.
cherries on top Posts: 521
Oh come on, if robbie keane did the same thing I don't think he would admit it at the time and also we would happily take the goal too. Shi!t happens and nothing can or will be done. I don't understand why video replays are not used in such circumstances. Rugby/tennis/golf have it....... it would save a lot of heartache But we were the better team on the night but managed to miss a good few chances at getting goals
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Well they are certainly not getting the publicity they probably hoped for. There's a poll in the LA times for gods sake about it! It has made headlines all around the world, there was even a poll done in France if they thought they deserved to go to the World Cup and about 86% said NO! Aparantly Henri did admit it to the ref but he had made his descission (based on something he didnt even see??) Oh you can be sure if it were the other way around and we did it you can be sure the French would get their own way! I'm RAGIN' O:|
WaltKawolski Posts: 149
I don't think the Irish team will ever play as well again as they did last night. I think it'd be better to leave it rather than play again and maybe lose.