Irish/American Wedding

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Lorenna Posts: 57
Hi all, My fiance is American and will be moving to Ireland to live with me. His family will be traveling here for the wedding. I wanted to try and do something for them and for my fiance at the wedding to make them feel welcome and for my groom as I know he is giving up a lot to be with me. For example a girl I went to college with was American and she married an Irish guy who moved there with her. She had green shoes and they had green suits and had a cake done out out in Irish designs for him. I kind of think these things specifically are a little cheesy and doesnt really go well with the whole traditional wedding..could anyone think of anythong else along these lines I might be able to do for them though?
denlo Posts: 124
Would you believe we just photographed such a wedding last Friday. The groom was from Texas though he just had a small party traveling over - his parents and a couple of his friends (groomsmen). TBH the wedding was a traditional Irish wedding - Church followed by Hotel and they didn't do anything out of the ordinary which I think was appreciated more by the American side. Though not Catholic, they took part fully in the Mass - those who wanted it received a blessing rather than communion. They also got involved with the readings and the speeches back at the reception. I can't say I noticed anything out of the ordinary being done for them which as I say, they seemed very happy with. They were just as much part of the whole celebration as the rest of the guests.
CasualBride Posts: 574
Why don't you get some professional Irish dancers for the reception, everyone likes that, not just the Americans!!! Admittedly that's not catering for American tradition but it's showing them the Irish tradition which is really what they're here for too - like, they don't want to attend an American style event over here, but I get what you're saying. Maybe just put some sort of American flag graphic or something fun onto your menus.. maybe an acknowledgement to them on the menus.. some sort of verse that you make up yourself to thank them for coming such a long way.