Irish Baby Girl Names

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babybells Posts: 47
Hi Really struggling with a baby girl name. We already have a DD with an irish name and if we have a boy we have a couple of names already picked but cannot come up with another girls name. I dont want a really common name so have avoided the top 10 baby names in Ireland. I want a girls name that is not hard to spell and will not be confused around the world. I have a really difficult irish name and when i was abroad i used to get called everything bar my proper name. A few that we have come up with so far are: Riona Tara Nessa - DH doesnt like this though Honest opinions of these please. Thanks
alwayshoping Posts: 409
i love all three!!!!!!!!!!
Mrsexcited Posts: 927
its hard isn't it picking irish names. here are some on found online Aoife Clodagh Caoimhe Niamh Sorcha Saoirse some would be hard to pronounce if not irish. good luck with it.
JustBecause Posts: 3242
Babybells they're a great group of names, Irish but not difficult to spell of pronounce. I love Riona. Is it spelled with a fada? I don't love Tara but FH loves it. Nessa is lovely.
JourneyNo2 Posts: 220
How about Cara, Maeve, Una, Orla, Mary, All pretty Irish and not the more popular names - and cant really be misspelt or mispronounced !
digsy Posts: 1257
babybells Posts: 47
Thanks for those girls. Riona can be spelt so many ways i like it spelt this way as it way more simpler! No offence to Niamh's and Aoife's but have heard these two names way too often and i want to avoid the really obvious and common irish names. I think Sorcha and Saoirse are way too difficult to spell. I really like Caragh but think its too close/similar to my own DD's name and also a friend has a baby the same age with the same name and she might not like me stealing the name. Just wondering if there were any irish names i hadnt thought about or read about, unusual but not too unusual iykwim???
Ochre Posts: 877
There's Éabha but Ava's very popular so maybe that's no good? I :lvs Ailbhe but it's definitely not one of the more easily recognised ones abroad anyway. I like Clodagh too
clare06 Posts: 38
Roisin is an option fo us if we have a baby girl.....
Daisywall Posts: 577
I love Eabha also, and Eadaoin. Also really like Cara, but as you said it's not available! I am not mad about Riona, as I knew a girl called Riona and some ppl pronounced the I more and others pronounced the O more (like Reeana, or Reoonagh), know what I mean? Without the fada it will be mis-pronounced probably. But lots of ppl dont know how to pronounce with fadas either! Ailbhe is so pretty too! Beibhinn is also nice. Caoilinn is also another one that you'd hear a bit more now adays, but all are with tricky spellings!