Irish baby name?

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naynay Posts: 107
Hi! Eyes are sore from googling! Can anybody help??? Irish name for "the chosen one"???? Thanks! naynay
stinky Posts: 606
Girl or Boy? Girls (spelling crap!) Saoirse Muireann Sorcha Seibh (sure this is spelt wrong) Cuimha (spelt wrong) Sineid Siobhan Eibhlin Deirdre Niamh Roisin Gormla Orfhlaith Boys: Sean Eoin Marcas Mairtin Cian tadgh Some of these are a bit dated - just trying to remember the names of people I met in the Gaeltacht. Why don't you watch TG4 and see if you can pick up a few? Ros na Run has subtitles and you could check out the names of people in that :) [/i]
boobies Posts: 1625
My fav boys names are: Conor Darragh Sean Liam Girls: Niamh Shola (sp?) Eimear √°ine
naynay Posts: 107
Thanks for the reply! Will have a look through and see if I can find the meanings. Still looking for [b:287jzttl]"the chosen one"[/b:287jzttl] if anybody around can help??
Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
hi naynay, have been looking on google for you. can't see anything which means 'the chosen one'. go to though. they've hundreds of irish names there and their meanings. best of luck
naynay Posts: 107
Thanks Malibu! I've googled myself sick, but came up with lots of US sites. Will give yours a try. But if anyone is quicker than me...all help is appreciated! :)
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
I'm after being trying to find it for you no luck I'm afraid
boobies Posts: 1625
sorry naynay did'nt realise your were actually looking for the name which means 'the chosen one'....... did a search too with no luck
naynay Posts: 107
Thanks bubblynads! Want something special for adopted baby girl. "Beloved", "princess", "fair one" all no probs, but can't seem to get this particular one... :(
naynay Posts: 107
Thanks very much boobies! Have everyone driven mad!!! Knew should have paid more attention in Irish!!!! :lol: