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Lucky Gal Posts: 226
Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has picked up these in their Daily Mail for the last three days and doesn't want/need them? I am a trainee primary school teacher and they would be really appreciated as I build up my bank of posters. I've got today's and will get 2mo's but apparently they have been in it all week. If anyone has them and they are just going into your recycling bin, I would gladly take them off you and will cover postage etc. Thanks a mil :thnk
Mrs.July0408 Posts: 1842
[color=purple:igrid9xe]Can't remember now how to, but if you buy one of the papers it tells you how you can still collect all of them if you missed out. I think they may charge you but if you say you're a teacher they may send them for free! They're excellent! :wv [/color:igrid9xe]
Lucky Gal Posts: 226
Thanks Mrs. July0408 Managed to get them from my old newsagents :)