irish indo wedding article

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yankiecandle Posts: 2888
what ya think of these ideas? ... 53747.html
gone elsewhere Posts: 1780
Interesting. I agree with some of it, it's virtually impossible to have a great meal when it's mass produced for a function. I've been to loads of weddings and the food has never been amazing, whether it's been a five-star hotel or a buffet. Personally I don't like long tables. Round tables lend themselves to inclusive conversation, long tables don't.
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
yeah i hate long tables too! like the idea of serving wedding cake as desert!
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
i think some of the catering ideas are good but its the hotels that need to start making the changes. most of them are not offering those types of things so we cant opt for them. there is also a certain expectation of what a wedding should be like, and once that goes away, ppl will be able to do what they please without [b:kbs2dmyr]honestly[/b:kbs2dmyr] feeling like no-one is judging them! i know ppl will say 'im gonna do what i want etc etc' and i would be first to stand up and say that too but its not without a little question in my head 'what will ppl really think?'. but to answer your question yeah like the buffet idea of meals etc. what do you think nyebride2010?
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
i like some of the ideas, but going v casual makes the wedding v english & i think irish weddings are a high standard
kookiegal Posts: 1150
I hate round tables! Think they do look corporate and it makes it difficult to have a conversation across the table, much prefer the long banquet tables - but there ya go, everyone has different tastes so you'll never please everyone no matter how you try! I am having a buffet meal at my wedding, it's the one thing I put my foot down about as I do not like full sit down meals. However, I know that there will be a good few of my guests who will not like this option. That's life I guess!
ConfettiBetti Posts: 126
I was delighted when I read this article! I'm not going for a sit down meal - my H2B hates all the formal bits but I also think that for half the price I could eat in an amazing restaurant so I'm having a late ceremony, followed by afternoon tea and a BIG party and if anyone moans about not getting a Christmas dinner they can feck off! The hotel is being accomodating now but I did have to tell them twice to not include the dinner in the quote. I organise events with work but it seems that once the supplier sees BRIDE they see $$$!