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Princess09 Posts: 821
We have our boys name but finding it really hard to agree on girls name. Anyway I heard the name Muireann (I think that is how it is spelt) I love it as it goes well with the boys name, should we be lucky enough in future to have another! (I said I'd never have any, unless I adopt! :o0 ) However I'm looking for alternatives to Muireann, or even other Irish girls names ending with 'eann' Hubby is not gone on it, so it's making me think twice about it. He recently heard the name Ailbhe and like this name, so now I'm thinking maybe we are going down the Irish route for a girls name. Also anyone know any good websites/books for Irish/Celtic names?
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
What about Aoibheann? pronounced A-veen,(I think) Muireann is a lovely name though :wv
jen2 Posts: 3106
Here are the Irish names I know. Tried to sticl to the "eann" ending and "in" ending Beibhinn Eibhleann Aideen Aoibh (ave) Aobh (eve) Aoibheann Muireann Noinin ( with fadas) means Daisy Erin Rosheen Aoibhin Noreen Im sure there are more, just can think of any. Hope that helps
YummyMummy2b Posts: 108
Doireann? I love Muireann-its a form of Mary.
christmasbaby Posts: 100
I have a friend called Muireann and a friend called Doireann. I think they are both lovely names :wv
snowbear Posts: 2107
Doireann was the one that occurred to me, lovely name. Just in terms of the others, although I have heard people pronounce Aoibheann as 'ave', it actually should be 'eve'. Aoibh = eve, same way Aoife is pronounced ee-Fa. If you want 'ave' it's Eabh, as in Eabha. Hth
sweets78 Posts: 346
I think Saoirse is a beautiful Irish girls name, it translates to Freedom in English :wv
Mari yay Posts: 4045
I like all the names above, and also the name Caoileann, think its pronounced Keelin or Kaylinn.
Princess09 Posts: 821
[quote="sweets78":3nmd2wal]I think Saoirse is a beautiful Irish girls name, it translates to Freedom in English :wv[/quote:3nmd2wal] Saoirse is a name I love, I initially picked this as the v first girls name but then went off it as I was afraid if we go with an Irish name will have to continue with Irish names, I know you don't have to strictly speaking but I would want to. Although the boys name I love is Scottish: Cameron So trying to choose Celtic names which will go well together. Muireann and Cameron have a nicer ring to them than Saoirse and Cameron?? Although I prefer Saoirse!
turkish Posts: 83
just a quick question------ how do u spell the name conor? is it conor or connor for the more irish spelling?????