Irish names for girls

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23leanne Posts: 761
Hi, Think we have settled on Sean Og after daddy if baby is a boy but totally stuck for girls names. Would like an Irish name and was wondering if anyone can offer some suggestions that they like. I do like Aoibhinn, hubby doesn't! also Dearbhala is quite nice but really not sure. :wv
Diamondz Posts: 2208
Sadhbh? I'm not biased or anything :o0 :o0
tribesdoll Posts: 295
We've decided on Sadhbh for a girl as well! Love it... I also want to use DH's name +Og for a boy... but he's having none of it. Boo. So it will be Cormac, Neil or Micheál. I'd also love Finn for a girl - but it's too similar to my own name. Another Irish name I love is Reiltín (little star) but DH doesn't like. HTH...
Ilovetoast Posts: 2267 This is a great site girls... I love Caoimhe, Blaithnaid, Saoirse...
StellaBella Posts: 432
A friend of mine just had a baby girl and herself and her husband are irish speakers, but they didn't want their daughter having to spell her name every time she said it.. or pronounce it every time someone saw the spelling.. which is a problem with Irish names outside Ireland.. so they went with the name Tara... and I think it is a beautiful old irish name that is not used that often anymore.
Mollymc Posts: 18
I like the old Irish names - Niamh, Grainne - i have to say Aoibheann is a lovely name too
ScaredyKat Posts: 365
[quote="Diamondz":173n2aq1]Sadhbh? I'm not biased or anything :o0 :o0[/quote:173n2aq1] I love the name. I love the sound of it and how it looks on paper but Dh doesn't like it. I'm hoping to convince him before we TTC again incase we have another girl.
queenmama Posts: 418
Sadhbh is a name I love but OH won't hear of it :o( Still have a while to work on him though! Love Dearbhla also. Have ruled out Saoirse & Aoibheann due to their popularity in my area.
oddwire Posts: 842
I love the name Dearbhla but don't think it works with our surname... Tara would be one of our top three for this time, I like it's simplicity and authenticity.
pinky winky Posts: 564
I think Clodagh and Eadbha are lovely.