Irish Weavers/Micheal Kennedy Band (Cork)

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cantwait2013 Posts: 13
Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has seen Irish Weavers/Micheal Kennedy band play at a wedding recently? What were they like? I remember they were good when I saw them at a friends wedding years ago but I think the crowd at the wedding was a little older. Are they better suited to an older crowd? I know there are some reviews here but they are from a few years back so I would really appreciate any recent feedback Thanks for your help! :)
kinsale Posts: 458
They played at my parents wedding anniversary last year. Good fun, had the crowd up dancing but it was an older crowd and it was more traditional. I wouldnt personally have them for a younger crowd but it depends on your taste...
cantwait2013 Posts: 13
Thanks Kinsale! I thought that might be the case, its just hard to find a band that suits everyone. The band is without a doubt the most stressful part of this whole thing!!! Back to the search O:|
kinsale Posts: 458
If your in the cork area would you look at cadillac cats? Do a great imelda may/ rockabilly set but also do 60's, rock, current stuff. Check them out on youtube. I have their number if you need it?
cantwait2013 Posts: 13
Thanks Kinsale, I just went to their site and they sound great! I just need to find a band that can play 4/5 waltzes also but I will definitely add them to the new shortlist :-)
lindad Posts: 2
HI , Have you ever heard of the band Re-Quest , i have them booked for my wedding , they are fantastic , they are singing in the church and also doing the DJ later , they cater for all ages and any time i have seen them they have had the whole wedding party up dancing all night , have a look out for them , you wont regret it ,