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Princess09 Posts: 821
After a midwife in hospital gave me a slap on the wrists for taking Spatone as iron supplement! I purchased Galfour - but worried about all the talk of being constipated, so along with taking tabs with orange juice and no need to take my supplement of Fybrogel (also recommended by midwife) the iron tabs have had the complete opposite effect (not constipation :-8 ) after 3 days taking??? Now I'm worried if this is normal, my body just getting used to them? Or @ 37 weeks the question is also in the back of my mind, if this is sign of early labour starting?
ohsotired Posts: 7071
A friend of mine is on these (not pregnant) and I know that is the effect they have on her :o(
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
I'm taking Ferrograd for the last 6 wks and haven't suffered any constipation.. In fact sometimes it could go the other day, but I still have morning sickness so I was kind of putting it down to that..
funkyfish Posts: 7626
my cons recommended i take ferrograd c one day and pregnacare the next day. i found that the iron did not make me constipated but i drank a huge amount of orange juice
Blitz Posts: 583
I'm taking Glafour and to be honest it has given me both - I go through days of constipation and then like yest and today have no bother at all!! But I do find them rough on my system. I tried taking them just one every other day but at a recent apt my bloods were taking an I was told to make sure and take every day. As I am 38wks today I am looking forward to flushing them down the toilet shortly *)
strangeangel Posts: 1269
Were your iron levels actually checked and were low, Princess09? My levels were fine at my 12 week blood test, which I was glad about as they were already low at that point on my last pregnancy. My midwife told me I could start using Spatone and they'd only recommend Galfer later if my levels were low. I had to take it last time and hated it - I'd alternate between constipation and the complete opppsite and I really hope I can avoid it this time. I'm just on the one sachet of Spatone at the moment but might up it to two just to be sure. I started with Floradix last time and though it brought me up a bit, it wasn't enough.
dreamer Posts: 3941
Well, I have been switched from Spatone to Galfer to Ferrograd C in an attempt to get my iron levels up and none of them made me constipated! I would tend to go the other way sometimes!
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
Iron affects everyone differently, for some its constipation and others its the opposite I normally suffer the opposite but on this pregnancy i have taken ferrograd with folic acid all thru the pregnancy and have had very little problems either way. Admittedly there are some days when things are loose but that just goes with the territory Hope you find something that suits u
happy mummy Posts: 424
I'm taking Galfer FA, one every second day and just eating a good bit of fibre and drinking my OJ. Some days if I forget my OJ I might be constipated the next day so I just try to remember. There were two occasions about two weeks or so ago where I had to ring the Nurseline as I had severe diarrhoea but they told me that I should cut back on my OJ or my fibre intake just a wee bit and things should settle back to normal - and they did. Now I'm fine again, just have to watch how much fibre/OJ I injest.
rhonda Posts: 35
I was on Galfer but they didnt agree with me so went on Ferrograd - a million times better - would definitely recommend them - much easier on the tummy!