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glori Posts: 31
Sorry, need to vent! I'm only 4-5 wks pg and my DH is away at a stag for the weekend. I woke in the middle of the night last night with horrendous pains in my stomach. I was crying with the pain. I lay on the sofa in the sitting room to be with the dog for company and didn't bother ringing my DH as he was on the tear and far away. I didn't want him to be worrying when there was nothing he could've done. Anyway, the pains eased after a few hours and this morning were completely gone. I'm lucky as there was no bleeding at all just a lot of pain. Anyway, my DH just rang to say hi and I told him about last night. All he said was that I was being dramatic and to stop worrying about mc. That was it. I feel so annoyed that he wasn't at all concerned. He didn't even ask if I was ok this morning! Nothing. Grrrr! I was expecting him to care, I was even prepared to talk him into not rushing home!! Ha! Sorry! I know I prob sound like I'm over-reacting. I'm just so disappointed in his reaction. Because it's so early in the pg, we haven't told anyone else so you're a captive audience!! :-8
Babymama12 Posts: 267
Aww mumintraining I can sympathise. I remember on Christmas Eve I had two bad falls on the ice in our driveway. To top it off I then fell when I walked back into the hall on our tiles (I am a clumsy cow!).I was about 5 weeks then too. I was so freaked out and worried and my DH was like 'don't be so dramatic sure the baby is tiny and is well padded in there'. Then when we told his parents on Christmas Day about the baby and then about the falls they were so worried and he seemed to wise up and realise that it was important and I wasn't being dramatic. I think it just takes them a while to realise what is actually happening in our bodies! Anyway I think men on stag do's are away with the fairies so you will get no sense out of him anyway if he is anything like my man. Hope you are ok and try not worry. These first few weeks can be very daunting but you will be ok :action32
Carlow09 Posts: 234
Hope you are feeling ok today. I'm sure the pains could've been bad stretching pains, you poor thing. And to be on your own, wouldn't have helped. Sending you lots of :action32 :action32 :action32 I agree, men on stags are literally away with the fairies. Don't mind your DH, i'm sure if he was here and saw you were in pain he'd be minding you right now and would be concerned. I think men just don't really understand what we are going through. So be kind & gentle to yourself today, can you spoil yourself with a nice bath and a day with trashy tv and plenty of chocolate. Might do the trick. Take care
Sweetmum Posts: 2146
mumintraining i hope you are ok.pains in early pregnancy can be a worry and alot of girls have them so relax pet today. i agree with previous posts who said that stags can be away with the fairies :o0 :o0 all that testerone floating around sure all sense goes out the window!! men dont listen sometimes to our aches and pains it all goes in one ear and out the other of my DH! I'm sure when he comes back he'll be all concerned,its just around other men they turn all macho O:| take care or yourself xxx :xxx
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Men they are all the same.........I'm 36 wks gone and my DH still doesn't understand my worrying/fears/stress of pregnancy and we've had a number of worrying times in the past 30 weeks. In relation to the pain, are you ok today? I had bad period like pains very early on, they settled after a few days but having no-one to talk to about then (DH just didn't get my fears) made them worse so if you are worried about anything, be sure to post on here and between all of us the girls seem to have been through everything at some stage. I found eating large amounts of chocolate helped!
glori Posts: 31
Thank you all so much for your responses, I really appreciate the sympathy and concern. I feel v reassured now about the pains. I've had pretty uncomfortable stretching pains over the last few days so I think last night might have been the same just a few notches up the pain scale!! I'm alot calmer thanks to your comments and I'm sure DH was prob still half drunk/half hungover when he called. Anyway, I took your advice re looking after myself. So, I've just put on a nice face mask and gotten comfy on the sofa with a chick flick and my DH's uneaten Easter egg!!! Mmmm! :o0 Thanks again for everything ladies!x