Irregular periods

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Mrs Julie - May 05 Posts: 23
Can anyone give me advise on testing if I have very irregular periods. Should it still be the same< can i still test when Im 2 -3 days late,Going form the last period. even though my cycle is very varied?
Calendar Girl Posts: 567
I think you should be able still to do a test, it's if enough pregnancy hormones are in your body, that will give you a positive or negative result Best of luck xx
jessica Posts: 118
If you are irregular how do you know that you are 2 - 3 days late? Pregnacy test are usually accurate from about 5 weeks into your pregnacy, this is counted from the first day of bleeding on your last period. However ovulation is usually 2 weeks before the start of your period. Therefore, if you are irregular this means that your ovulation does not happen exactly 13-16 days after the first day of your last period. (given the average ovulation cycle of 28-29 days). My guess is if you are irregular (in my case once every 2 weeks - 3 months) and you are trying to get pregnant I would do a test each month after your period, and each month thereafter until either it returns a positive test or you bleed again.