Is a buggy a fashion item?

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Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
Hi Girls, I was walking through the Green at lunchtime there and spotted about 5 bugaboo's and was just wondering to myself are they the latest fashion item? I dont think I could spend upwards of €800 on a buggy I really couldnt justify it not that I cant afford it, are all these Mammy's going to be looking at me saying look at that poor girl cant even afford a bugaboo :o0 :o0
sodbride Posts: 105
I know what ya mean! Have been weighing it up for 2 months!!!! Ended up buying the graco mosaic system cause its v light and good value. We plan on going on holiday in Sept when baby is 5 months so we can take it. The graco fix base thingy for car is 35euro compared to 120 for maxi cosi one and I feel just as good. In saying that I found a first wheels city elite pushchair with pram section second hand in Dublin for 150 so i bought it too!!! Liked the thought of having a pram section for going to my parents and trying to walk my ever increasing ass off! The graco car seat goes on it too. Got 2 systems for 349!! I thought it was good anyway!!
wexfordbell Posts: 1065
Like u sod bride i bought a gracco moasic. I just couldnt justify spending a fortune on the buggy. Im very happy with our purchase
Emomc Posts: 2069
I have saved up and am going for the Bugaboo, but because I live in the country and do an awful lot of walking so I really need something that is easy to handle and control, and capable of doing a lot of mileage. I did a lot of research and asked friends/tried a good few out in the shop and it came down to the Quinny or the Bugaboo. I intend to get the miles out of this purchase in the Summer!
frangipani Posts: 1543
i pm'ed you Emomc if that's ok. i haven't seen too many bugaboo's about the place dora, but i just can't get over how aware i am of buggies etc. now whereas 6 months ago i couldn't have even named a buggy brand!
Shorti3 Posts: 404
god im on my third buggy i bought a mothercare one first with the car seat and all included then i foung it really annoying trying to get it in the boot (so left that one in mammys as she minds DS during week) so i bought one of those foldy up ones as my SIL said they are v. handy i hated that (so left that in MIL as she shares minding of DS) so i bought a phil and ted last year and i love it to pieces i walked last year when the long evenings were in and the three wheelers are super to fly along with plus theres loads of space down the bottom for al my purchases and my DS love it .. because he told me so whats a buggaboo?
Daisyboo Posts: 1347
I couldnt justify speeding that on a pram either. I was out in Blanch this morning and all the buggies I could see were the Bugaboos and the Phil and teds,I sceen more Phil and Teds then Bugaboo's actually.
problemchild Posts: 196
I totally agree they appear to be a fashion accessory. What I find gas is that its only when your pregnant or have a child that you know how expensive they are. I hate those Phil and Ted ones. I'd hate to be the child underneath, at the same level as the car fumes
Martiespride Posts: 997
I think a buggy is like a handbag for some mothers especially the yummy mummy's. i was having a chat with my sister after i was at the zoo and all i could see around me were buggys ,3 wheelers, phil and teds, bugabooos etc!! it was like having the latest handbag!
firefly78 Posts: 312
I agree it is a fashion accesory, if u go to Dundrum all you see everywhere is girls with bugaboos or quinnys, it's like a louis Vuitton hangbag! I could not justify the money either as it is alot and a friend of mine said it was good but ended up getting an out & about after the bugaboo and said it was much better. we went for a new one in mothercare, it's mothercare brannd but designed by quinny, it's lighter though and only has one main part that transforms from pram to buggy and fits a maxi cosi car seat so good all rounder. its called my choice 3 wheeler but not available in southern ireland yet. only 550 incl car seat, pram/buggy and isofix base with footmuff and all the other bits too.