Is anyone else 9 weeks and starving - all the time!

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georgie06 Posts: 7
I am just over 9 weeks pregnant (at least thats where I'm almost certain I am) but am a bit worried as reading "what to expect", it says that you only really need 200 extra calories per day in the LAST trimester. I have eaten all around for me for the past 3 weeks as I have been totally starving and have already gained 6 pounds, :ooh although I haven't been eating junk (and would have expected to lose weight by cutting out wine). I was hoping to keep the pregnancy secret so DH and I could enjoy it by ourselves for a while - but at this rate, people will soon start guessing as DH thinks my stomach is already looking very pregnant. Is anyone else feeling the same? I have no other pregnancy symptoms at all other than a sore chest - not even particularly tired (in fact i have loads more energy than normally) but when I say starving, I could eat a full meal and 30 minutes later, my tummy is rumbling like its empty - absolutely bonkers! O:| Would love to know if this is normal!!
Duncelt Posts: 460
Hi Georgie I'm only 6 weeks and feel starving all the time - i'm definately eating a lot more than normal and i'm not using the pregnancy as an excuse. When I feel sick (kinda like menstral pains and feeling really weak) i feel a lot better when I eat something. I can feel me putting on weight (afraid to stand on the scales). If I keep this up i'll be like a beach whale in a few months - use to always joke about that before I got pregnant but mean it now.
MrsK07 Posts: 454
Don't worry Girls. That mad hunger usually passes. I think I started feeling less hungry at about 12 weeks. I'm 18 weeks nowand have only put on half a stone but I'm really surprised it isn't more as I seemed to be constantly eating to keep the hunger away for the first 3 months.