Is anyone else excited about the toy show?..

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streaks Posts: 3592
Can't wait for Friday night already, glass of wine, candles burning, fire blazing and the toy show eek. It's the start if Christmas :)
lorraine78 Posts: 988
Hell yeah!! It brings out the inner child in me.Love when the toys dont work properly!!
brideorbridezilla Posts: 512
Aw I would love to watch it! Does anyone know how to watch it in the UK? RTE player does not seem to work? Thanks!
Thisishappening Posts: 163
YES! Love it!
SookieStackhouse Posts: 3135
My kids started talking about it weeks ago! They're so excited. Even though they usually fall asleep by 10. lol. We're going to their granny's for a sleepover. Not sure who's looking forward to it more the kids or my parents.
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
I love it! Can't wait! Definitely the start of Christmas in this house!
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
It's lost the appeal for me, bring back Gaybo! Ryan Tubridy just wrecks my head, he speaks way too fast, interups everyone and doesn't treat the kids as kids - like Gay Byrne did. I remember the excitement in our house as kids, pens and paper at the ready - but also the fear of not being allowed watch it, if we were bold!!!!
Esketti Posts: 936
There's lots of excitement in our house this year because my son is 5 and is stayin up for the first time to watch it with us. Every other year we've recorded it and watched it the next morning with him but its not the same, so we're very excited to watch it cuddled on the couch with popcorn and goodies x
Sparkly Pooh Bear Posts: 96
I can't freaking wait. bring over the 2 grannies and open the tin of roses and lots of other goodies and enjoy. Of course its not going to be as good as when we were kids (rose coloured glasses and all of that) but it won't dampen the mood. Letting the 2 year old stay up with his big brother, so tiredness temper tantrums should start soon after the show begins. Ah the joys.
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
I've never ever seen it :-8 met a set of twins on a flight during the week that are going to be on it, they honestly were the cutest kids ever, so excited about being on it, so promised them I'd watch it see them!