is anyone else terrified of something going wrong?

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mamabrod Posts: 830
Girls I am adopting a real positive outlook (despite tiltle of post!)lol but i keep hearing of miscarriages etc every programme i turn on! i know the reality is that something like 80% pf pregnancies go the full way but cant help this normal? does anyone else feel the same? any words of wisdom?
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
yes absolutely, i think it is so natural to feel this, ppl think its just the way you feel on your first but i feel it and im on my second I have my scan tomorrow and i am so nervous that he will tell me there is nothing there etc but hopefully all will be fine. I honestly think that either way there is nothing we can do but let ur body take its natural course, we can do all the worrying etc but at the end of the day what will be will be Its hard when you see so many ppl dropping off threads due to mc etc but you have to try and keep positive until you have a reason not to Wishing you every luck with ur pregnancy :xox
mamabrod Posts: 830
Thanks for that hun, yeah i think sometimes Wol is great but in other ways maybe it can be good to have a break as all that news can kinda play on your mind! :o( best of luck tomoro hun, am sure you will see your baby wriggling around on the screen xxxx :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
momof3 Posts: 510
Its perfectly natural, it's what being a mammy is all about!! Please god when you get past the 1st trimester, you'll have a whole set of other worries : ure Wardrope for one!! Try not to absorb the unfortunate stories of misses and concentrate on positivity, that being said, it is out of ure hands now and up to ure little seed. Good luck and look forward to seeing u online posting about ure baba's 1st scan. Ps: heartbreak makes for good tv programme, the majority of pregnancies and births go perfectly but that wouldn't do much for ratings!!
lannah Posts: 574
I have been and still am worried the whole time about something going wrong. Even just this morning I didn't feel him move for a couple of hours and was beginning to worry a little when all of a sudden a little elbow poked out! I think its just natural to worry the whole way through pregnancy and its not going to stop there, you'll have a lifetime of worrying about your child once he/she arrives I'm sure :) Welcome to the 'worry' club :)
hectic Posts: 528
as everyone else has said it's perfectly natural! I was pregnant on my 2nd this time last year and was so worried. When I went for my early scan I found out that I was miscarrying. And it was triplets. It was hard to deal with but I did deal with it. And I still held out hope. Here I am, 9+6 today, going for 1st scan on Thursday! Part of me is terrified that I will get that news again but the other part of me is very hopeful that all will work out! The fact is, we'll always be worrying about our little ones, even when they're big ones!
lolly2010 Posts: 707
Glad to hear its not just me worrying :-8 im pregnant on my second, worried the hole way through the first pregnancy (shes 5 now, i STILL worry) and now im the same with this pregnancy. H2b is the total opposite he is sooooo laid back hes horizontal..but it suppose thats good because he keeps my mind from running away with itself! Anyways hope all the bumps are ok girls :wv
fizzy bubbles Posts: 339
Yes, I think its very normal. I am more worried this time than I was on ds- probably because I know more!
Daff Posts: 11644
Same as FB. I worry so much more this time round, didn't know half of what could go wrong last time. I'd a MC just before my BFP with this LO so have spent the whole pregnancy worrying. I've had afew sickness' on this pregnancy and also had to have surgery that was very risky for LO. I'm now nearly 34 weeks and still so worried. I think til LO is safely in my arms I won't stop worrying about them.
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
I'm really scared right now. I have a scan next week at 13 weeks and I wish it was tomorrow ;o( I was ok and am still trying hard to work on the assumption that everything is fine unless there is evidence otherwise, but there has been so many miscarriages lately and some of them quite late that I am getting more and more scared that we will go along next week and the hearts will have stopped beating. Doesn't help that I am less tired today and yesterday, I was feeling happy about that but now I'm getting nervous.