Is anyone freaked out about the money?

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Mrs Mia Wallace Posts: 869
There's never any mention of it here. But to be honest, the cost of this whole thing is starting to freak me out. We're having a small wedding and I've cut out most of the 'trimmings' however the costs are still racking up at a phenomenal rate. I'm finding it very stressful really. Its starting to take away from the joy of making the ultimate commitment to my gorgeous boy which is something I never wanted to happen. Am I on my own here?
pretty polly Posts: 198
No you are not on your own, I am sure most people are concerned about it.
suggles Posts: 186
Yep im with you! Very worried about it to be honest! Its amazing how everything just adds up isnt it?
Kilcock bride Posts: 426
Thank God I'm not the only one :-8 I've never wanted a big wedding but H2B is determined to have the traditional day. We're saving, but its never going to be enough, I'm frugal at the best of times so I'm cutting out what I think isn't necessary Mass booklets - apart from a waste of money I did my friend's & the stress was unreal Pew ends - sorry what is their purpose Having 2 BMs & no FGs/PBs etc No Irish dancers or any of that lark No choc fountain, I'm a bit of a klutz anyway & the chance of me getting covered is very high :eek Doing flowers myself, found a great website that delivers to your door cheaper than Smithfield flower market from Holland Getting lend of FFIL's car, its a Lexus & verrrrrry nice I'm sure there are a few other things, but as you said, the costs are mounting at a rate of knotts. I'm also shopping around, saw a fantastic dress but it was at the top of my budget before alterations, sourced it in a shop in the north & its €500 cheaper :eek brilliant I'm also getting stuff from US as the dollar is so weak
pretty polly Posts: 198
Morning kilcock bride, what is the web-site you found for the flowers if you don't mind me asking? How love to look it up
mrswildrogue Posts: 1739
Definitely in the same boat. We're building at the minute as well so trying to keep track of two budgets and organising everything is pretty stressful at times! O:|
Sheep Posts: 626
I feel like I'm pulled in two directions. Part of me wants to do everything properly and not to scrimp on the biggest day of my life and then part of me thinks it's silly to spend so much money on one day and it will all be over before we know it. But yeah I am worried about the money. We've been doing our food shopping in Lidl lately to save money.
aperature Posts: 280
im right there with you. i can go days without thinking about it and then BAMN its all i can think and worry about. we're not having a huge wedding or anything. My mam is helping us alot which is great, i dont think we could do it without her. not having a car. or a band ( dj for the night) and no favours . but have spent alot on dress & plan on spending alot on shoes! also h2B is getting a suit made for the day..but this will be something he can use again oboviously. thinking about doing the flowers myself...but going to get a quote from florist first just incase. getting bridemsaids dresses from the states and other bits and pieces over there.
jen4 Posts: 566
Think this is the flower website that kilcock bride mentioned I'm thinking of using them too, the range probably isn't as good as the flower market but it is cheaper. I'm getting a bit worried about the cost of everything too. Especially since I find myself getting carried away every now and then :-8 My mother is the worst culprit for driving up the cost of everything though, everytime I say I'm trying to save in a certain area she starts worrying and ends up convincing me to spend more money! It's the flowers at the moment, she hates the idea of doing them myself, but I'm standing my ground on this one, just cannot justify handing over so much money to a florist.
Kilcock bride Posts: 426
Hey Jen4, thanks for posting link, yes that was the site I was talking about, I'm only looking for small posy as the dress I'm thinking of is quite ornate & has a lot of detail, so 2 dozen roses will be perfect. with 2 BMs they'll have posies too, button holes are simple single flowers & hotel is doing centre pieces included in price. Also good tip to note, if you are doing your flowers yourself, shorter stems are cheaper, you can get 70cms which is over 2 foot, 60cms & 50cms on roses, for posies 50cms would be ample. I'm going to get greenery from my mom's garden as she has 1/3 of an acre so loads of ivy etc. I also dont' want the hassle of having to drive into city 2 days before wedding from Kilcock in Kildare, this crowd deliver to your door.