Is anyone having ear problems

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survivor Posts: 2507
One of my ears keeps popping. At lunchtime everyday my left ear pops. Its usually when I'm driving home for lunch. Its a short drive and not too hilly so I dont think its that. Does it happen to anyone else or am I the only ear popping freak :o0
petunia Posts: 1626
well, my left ear is misbehaving slightly but im putting that down to constantly sleeping on my left side! Ive no idea if thats whats happening to you though... (cant wait to be able to move around in my sleep!!!!)
bright Posts: 24
I had this an awful lot in my second trimester - felt like I had been swimming - one of my ears would just block up and pop. i looked like a bit of a freak going round making funny faces and rubbing my ear :o0 Said it to my gp and she checked my ears to make sure they weren't blocked up and they were fine - just think its another of those pregnancy things! Has cleared up in the last trimester. Good luck.
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
I had this for the majority of my pg on DS, it was awful. My left ear would pop & could stay popped for a few days, I'd have this awful whistling noise & could hear myself echoing in my head IYKWIM. It was horrendous. Doc said that it was purely pregnancy related & he was right, cleared up the day I had DS & never got it back. Till last week, that is! It's only happened once or twice but I know it's going to get worse & I'm dreading it. Sorry for the doom & gloom story!
tilsun Posts: 4506
I often have trouble with my ears as a result of blocked sinuses. I know that sinus problems increase in pregnancy (mucous. snoring etc) so it might be related :wv
survivor Posts: 2507
At least I'm not alone. Its the listening to myself in that weird echoey sound is the worst part. I might ask my gynae on Wednesday about it.