Is anyone having their child sitting at the top table?

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Alluring Posts: 929
Hi, I have a little boy who is 4 and he is the apple of our eye's. I was just wondering if anyone was having their child sitting at the top table with them or are they sitting with other family? O:o)
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
I had my eldest son.He is twelve he gave me away as my dad passed away not long ago.Nobody really knew who was giving me away till the day.There was'nt a dry eye in the church.So he sat up beside us.
noc Posts: 1802
Aw. We don't have any children but I think that's a lovely idea. Why shouldn't he be at the top table. He is, after all, as important to you as your parents are. I think it would be a lovely idea for him to be there and he will appreciate it i'm sure and feel special. And he's unlikely to misbehave if he's surrounded by adults. Go for it, I'd say. *)
orangerose Posts: 76
We have a little 3 year old daughter, and shes is goin to be our flowergirl! The apple of our eye too! So yes definately she is going to be at the top table, not sure how she will behave though!!
MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
our little apples of our eyes are going to be sitting at the top table too.. thats if i actually decide to go with the traditional top table, one is 6 and the other will be 1.5yrs.. reckon i certainly won't be putting the youngest beside me.. i can see if now that she'll try to fire food at me or something like it.. but i would feel rather strange looking out at my guests and my little angels faces looking back at me..
nicci Posts: 26
Yes defo. I was at wedding last year and their 2 year old daughter was proud as punch at top table.
Joanne2006 Posts: 765
I wouldnt get married to tell ya the truth without my wee fella at the top table with us!!! Jus wdnt be the same without him!!! Deffo!
charlotteyork Posts: 1275
Yup, sounds right to me; all the rest of your family will be there.
birdie Posts: 954
Yup! My daughter's 8, will be 9 by the time the wedding rolls around and so she's undecided as to whether to call herself "flowergirl" or "junior bridesmaid" !! Anyways, yes she'll be sitting at the top table with us, no question!
Enchantress Posts: 1509
I dont have kids but if i did there would be no doubt that he/she would be at the top table :lvs