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bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
following wedding etiquette- no offense intended to any threads what so ever but all im reading lately is are you buying h2b a gift buying mothers a gift gifts for bridal party paying for bridal party accomodation buses for evening guests facials, tan, nails, etc I just feel that there is more pressure on the bride and groom as to "the thing to do" , maybe all the above are just normal things that are meant to happen- but my sis got married 10 years ago and didnt do alot of this. I know its a special day and people want to look their best but i just feel there is so much financial pressure its hard to relax and enjoy the planning!
nelswife Posts: 3869
I bought my h2b a gift, didn't spend a fortune but wanted to mark the day Bought both sets of parents a gift Bought bridesmaids a gift - bought them newbridge jewelary (was expensive about €150) and they wore this the day of the wedding, paid for hair & make up, didn't pay for tan or nails Didn't pay for accomadation for bridesmaid / best men Bought Best men gifts, bought them their shoes to wear the day of wedding, cuff links & something else (cant remember now) Had a bus to bring guests to church, hotel & home that night...only reason was church was quite a good bit away from wher the majority of guests lived and then hotel was about 45 min drive from the church At the end of the day its your wedding so you do what you feel is right, to us we did it because we wanted to and not because we felt we had to do it!
sugarkk Posts: 1384
Bubblybride, don't worry about it - am on the same page as you. Budget is just gone as far as it can... buying h2b a gift - he gets me! What more could he want?? And he has his fab wedding ring. buying mothers a gift - getting them both a token pressie (compact mirrors - costing very little) gifts for bridal party - just don't have the funds. Will get them a nice "thank you" pressie at Xmas paying for bridal party accomodation - don't have the money to do this. It's a good rate anyway. buses for evening guests - the mammy is getting a minibus for her group of friends. Otherwise no. facials, tan, nails, etc - lucky to have good skin, not getting facial. Do get tense shoulders so maybe a massage two days before. Sister is a nail fanatic - she's doing my nails. Haven't decided on tan. If I had the funds I would do so some of the above but I don't so am not fretting about it.
mrsmcdreamy Posts: 880
We are not........ buying eachother presents buying Mothers a gift (bar flowers) buying bridal party gifts (paying for their suits, dresses, shoes, make up, jewellery etc.... is more than enough i think) paying for bridal party accomm (except for one BM who paid for mine when i was BM) paying for buses :ooh facials, tans, nails hope that doesnt sound extrmeley mean. wedding is already costing over 35k. would be broke if we did all that aswell. do people honestly expect it?
sugarkk Posts: 1384
It doesn't seem mean at all mrsmcdreamy! You've already paid a lot, I'm sure no one expects any more!
Twirl Posts: 5598
Ah the financial pressure....... tell me about it. h2b and i are not getting each other gifts we will get something nice on honeymoon hopefully. For bridal party we are paying for their rooms in the hotel ( €160 per room ) ( btw this is part of their present ), im getting BM jewellery and we will get them something small to say thanks, think voucher for best man and im not 100% sure yet for BM. Getting the mothers the flowers and going to get something for my parents ( they gave us a large sum for our wedding present ).Whatever money we get of h2bs parents we are going to get them stuff for their house and get a few things done for them ( thats the plan anyway ) We are putting on a bus for the afters to the wedding and there will be one going home. Just having the one BM and best man and not paying for facials, if bm wants that done she can do her own, i am paying for make-up, hair, nails and would be paying for tan but she doesnt want this done. Its not necessary to pay for rooms for bridal party we are just doing this as part of their present ( just wanted to stress that point :wv )
Laila K Posts: 593
It is so hard and Im beginning to find it so stressful as well... I'm a bit tired of thinking about the next unnecessary thing I need to buy as a thank you!! So far I have a lot for my BM''s but nothing for the mothers.. leaving the men to my H2B so they'll prob get very little!!! And still havent agreed on whether we'll pay for their room or not for the wedding. so difficult to decide. Also, if you buy the mums a present is it not a bit mean to buy dad's nothing at all? And what about flowergirl and pageboy?! AGGGhhhhhhhh, it is stressful!
starbar10 Posts: 991
buying h2b a gift - to mark the occasion yes, but also cos its something we need and I know we will use on honeymoon. buying mothers a gift - nope, I am going to get my mums jewellery for the day (trip down to M&S at lunchtime today in order to see if I can find something that matches her dress) gifts for bridal party - bathrobes for the girls with bm on them that i made up myself. Thats it - they cos 10 each paying for bridal party accomodation - this is their "gift" got a good discount rate so that is why buses for evening guests - eh no way! our wedding is in the city and they can get a taxi/bus/DART to it. facials, tan, nails, etc maybe tan but thats that!
bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
so glad wollies that im not the only one!!! then when people ask me eg are you having cupcakes or having a backdrop??? im like no- O:| (thinking to myself maybe i should be :-8 Havent done this marraige business before -next time round ill have it off to a tee :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie:
bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
[quote="Starbar10":3owkx2a0] buying mothers a gift - nope, I am going to get my mums jewellery for the day (trip down to M&S at lunchtime today in order to see if I can find something that matches her dress) [/quote:3owkx2a0] Has your mother and mother in law to be got their outfits? just wondering as your 2 days after me, thats the next thing on my list to help MOG get hers