Is electrolicis a no no?

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Always hoping Posts: 784
Sorry can't even spell it! Since m/c last jan I've turned into this bearded lady. Thank God my hair is fair so it's not noticable. I was getting electrolocis for few months but stopped once I became preg again. I asked my gp is it safe and he kinda smirked at me, put on his glasses and said he didn't see any hairs!!! I can feel them and they are driving me mad!!! He said as a general rule if I need to ask about eating or doing anything (I had about 10 million questions for him that day) I shouldn't eat or do it - so that's what I've been doing. What do ye think???
agie Posts: 1107
i actually read in the nmh magazine this morning about avoiding this as there hasnt been much research done on it.
Amesie Posts: 363
Yeah - I have been getting it done for years now and I remember my beautician telling me that if I ever get pregnant to make sure to tell her as we will have to stop with the electrolysis.
Always hoping Posts: 784
Thanks for that! Thought I was just being over-cautious!