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ros Posts: 749
Oh and how many of you know women who got ocmpletely rat arsed drunk, smoked like chimneys and then found out they were pregnant all along, and have handicapped children now? I know NONE. But I do know plenty of friends who did all of the above and had perfectly normal babies. NOT to condone it and I wouldn't touch a fag now if it came up and lit itself and stuck itself in my mouth, but remember in our mothers' time, they drank, they smoked, they ate what they could get their hands on, I'm sure they all lay on their backs now and again, and all the rest of it.... and here we are - all (pretty much) normal.... So...
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I don't think anyone on here has been telling others what not to eat or do -just passing on advice we've read or been told by doctors or midwives. I take a lot of it with a pinch of salt but I would be very careful about what I eat now just because I did end up in hospital with bacterial food poisoning that could have caused another miscarriage only a few months after having my first and I would have beaten myself up big time if anything had happened. So I suppose I'm v. paranoid about undercooked/non-pasteurised food. I do still drink plenty of coffee and enjoy wine now and again. I don't lie on my back only because it's excrutiatingly uncomfortable at the moment! My philosophy is everything in moderation but definitely watch out for bugs!
ros Posts: 749
No, you're right and I'm not meaning to get at anyone, but I feel that it's really putting unnecessary extra pressure on future Mums. I think the ones who are already Mums are much more relaxed, but it's not fair on first time Mums who are getting themselves all worried and stressed about things that are just trivial.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I agree - sometimes I think we have just too much information!!! I skipped on having a Mr. Whippy ice-cream at the weekend and I'm sure the chances of getting food poisoning from that are really really slim. Also ended up ruining everyone else's ice-cream because I blurted out "I can't have one" and then had to explain about the possibility of there being bacteria living in the machines! Made myself v. unpopular.... :o0 I'm sure all our mums enjoyed their cones without any guilt or illness whatsoever! We probably only know about the bacteria because some guy somewhere was stuck for a PhD topic and chose this!
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
Well, my mother wouldn't let us get the cones because she heard that our local ice-cream man didn't wash his hands after doing a wee. :ooh So, you were probably right there Sphynx.
Tigletts Posts: 2904
[quote="*Muffin*":2jrvck8i] local ice-cream man didn't wash his hands after doing [b:2jrvck8i]a wee[/b:2jrvck8i]. :ooh So, you were probably right there Sphynx.[/quote:2jrvck8i] Or after doing something else even :o0 :o0 :o0
swissgirl Posts: 2301
I think there is a lot of common sense being spoken on this thread. The one thing I would like to point out (though probably nit-picking so apologies in advance) but both times when I was pregnant people often said "sure our mums didnt worry about that all stuff" etc. and its been said here too. I dont think that statement makes any sense though as in our mum's time or at least my mum's time a lot of what we are warned against now wasnt freely available to them. - So yes, my mam didnt worry about drink when she was pregnant with us but even when she wasnt pregnant she didnt really drink (maybe 1 or 2 glasses every so now and then) - She never drank rasberry tea or green tea, they werent popular then - Sushi? She still doesnt get the concept! - Meat was very well done - Never had Tiramisu - Wasnt a big fan of eggs and cheese (maybe cheddar but thats it) So when people say "sure didnt yer mam not bother with any of this" they are right but she didnt when she wasnt pregnant either.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
It's true that most of our mum's wouldn't have been eating the likes of smoked salmon, blue cheese or shellfish on a regular basis so it just wasn't an issue (or maybe I'm wrong!!!)
Avril Hiswife Posts: 1743
Maybe our Mums did not eat so much exotic food but French mothers probably did! Also, my Granny was a great cook, used make up a lovely seafood chowder so they did have shellfish. She also loved her smoked salmon at Christmas - I think that is a traditional Irish thing? And my cousins have been making lovely cheese for generations, I don't know if it is pasturised now but am sure it wasn't long ago. Edit to add - I think when I get pregnant I will take care to avoid food poisoning as much as possible, and not eat anything to excess, but I don't see the sense in the rules about cheese for instance and I intend to enjoy the odd glass of wine.
mrsjay Posts: 190
hi girls this is a very interesting topic... i had a bottle of non-alcoholic beer last night to celebrate my 30th birthday (yippeee!!) and have been feeling guilty about it since. i'm such a sap but i feel quite paranoid about what i can and can't eat too. i live in spain and have been tested for toxiplasmosis. have to say it takes the worry out of not knowing but tbh i was very surprised to learn i'm not immune (i always eat rare meat...) smoked sausage meat and ham is really common over here but is a big no-no for non-immune people as are non-pasteurised cheese and pate (not to mention alcohol.....) so to keep my own peace of mind i'm gonna avoid them till baby is born. it's not a huge effort and there are plenty of other things you can eat. i've been told for example that i can eat shellfish once it's been well cooked. kind of rambling here but maybe i would just add that i wouldn't assume you are immune to toxiplasmosis (as i had before i got the results back) but i suppose everything in moderation can't hurt. for me tho the risk is too great to not wait a few months. anyway, hope we can all enjoy our pregnancies without getting too caught up in the histeria of being pregnant!!! btw... from how many weeks on are you not supposed to lie on your back?