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skitchums Posts: 1283
[quote="wollybride":16sazcwb]Gamlina UFORTUNATELY, Mine is 7 months odd gone!! Enjoy the run up to yours, Everything works itself out, and remember you only get one chance at this day, so make it count!! O-O :o)ll O-O :o)ll O-O :o)ll[/quote:16sazcwb] I'm so blind!! :o0 Sorry about that, I just saw the 7 months and 3 weeks, I didn't read any more :-8 Thanks a mil, I will indeed! O-O
rianna Posts: 770
No we didn't have any rows - well wedding related rows anyway! :o0 I don't know why people would be saying that, nobody said it to us anyway. The last few weeks before the wedding is the best bit, I would say enjoy every second of it, even if you do row!!! Before you know it you'll be back writing your wedding report! Enjoy :wv
lolabelle Posts: 3311
We didn't have any rows before the wedding at all. We had a wonderful run up and were really excited about the weddings. It shouldn't be a stressful time - after all its the marriage that is most important not the wedding! :wv
starbar10 Posts: 991
I think the key is to be organised and SimleyKaz you are that! :-) We planned our wedding in 15 months. DH's friends who had got married were like "the weeks before you'll have so much to do" but honestly we had everything done (with the exception of the table plan) so that put no pressure on us at all so we were out having drinks with friends, seeing family generally chilling the week before. DH is forever telling me that he cant believe how stressfree the wedding run up was, he thinks im the bees knees. LOL :xox
paperclips Posts: 3146
Dont mind what other people say to you, negative or otherwise. OH and I dont argue at all, we just dont. As much as people find this hard to believe its true. We are both very much along the same lines and are very laid back so decisions are easy and compromises are painless. No rows or tears at all over our wedding plans. We are both so excited and cant wait!
RoseDawson Posts: 1494
Hubby and I got married about 5 months ago, I dont remember any big fights over wedding things, as the wedding got closed there may have been days when I was a bit stressed with all the planning etc, but I never took it out on hubby. I think both me and hubby were fairly easy going anyway with our wedding plans, after so many years together I was just so happy to be getting married. Enjoy this time, the lead up to the wedding is a very nice time, all the excitement etc. And if you ever get stressed just remind yourself that this is the lead up to the day you marry your best friend and it will all be so worthwhile. :lvs :lvs :lvs
MinnietheMinx Posts: 2396
While we didn't have any big rows my MIL started interfering in a major way about 2 weeks before the wedding and that did lead to a lot of unnecessary stress. The words "your wedding day isn't about you" actually left her lips to my DH. As long as there are no family dramas you should be fine. I loved the last few weeks before the wedding- they are stressful as you try to pull everything together- collect dresses and suits, deliver cake and wine to hotel, get packed for honeymoon and organise travel documents, organise waxing, manicure and pedicure, final confirmations with the band, photographer, florist etc and you'll most likely have some random relation ringing you to see if you've booked them a room at the hotel (why would I book your room you crazy woman) At times you just want the day to arrive but it's definitely a crazy whirlwind in a good way.
sugarkk Posts: 1384
We had no rows at all in the run up - he was my absolute rock, had my back on everything and was just so helpful. Total support. Someone said earlier in thread that they got "oh, you'll be fighting like cats and dogs" comments when they moved in together - we got that too. Didn't turn out to be the case at all. I'm finding that people in general are very fond of expressing the negative these days (maybe it was always the case, but I've only noticed it recently). From moving in, weddings, planning families - people are always telling you how awful things will be. And they don't turn out that way at all! Ignore everyone, you enjoy these last few weeks. It really is the most exciting time - I didn't think that me and my other half could get closer but when I look back at the few weeks before the wedding, all I remember is me and him having so much fun, amongst all the madness that goes on, knowing that him getting down on one knee in Greece a year earlier had prompted it all. You may never get a chance to bring all your family and friends like this again - soak it up, enjoy every second!
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
We didn't row but my nerves were frayed when it got closer to the wedding. All the stress and anticipation can get on top of you. I know my sisters warned me too. I found that as I had taken on most of the responsibility for booking and contacting venders rto confirm etc I was a bit irritable and probably did snap at DH a few times. But really it shouldn't as bad as some people say. I think those same people are the ones that call each other "the old ball and chain". Relax and keep trying to work as a team and if you need help just ask. Enjoy the run up to the wedding!
im waiting Posts: 2727
Even though h2b hasn't helped out alot, I still can't imagine us fighting about the Wedding beforehand as we have everything almost done bar confirming everything with suppliers and a few little things! I'd imagine their would be more fights if they left everything to the last minute which I have been making sure doesn't happen as I get stressed to the hills when packing a bag for the kids when we go away, and making sure they have enough clothes and food before we leave them with family-I did not want the same on the run up to the Wedding so I know exactly what I have to do each week and have deadlines on each so I get them done on time and I'm going to make sure I rope him in too because he's got away quite lightly as it is! Lucky sod!!!!!! :o0