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feelsobad Posts: 693
we are married since last sept but together for years. I am really keen to start trying for a baby but hubbie says he needs more time . I find it really frustrating but also know there is no point in pushing him into something so life changing... Is anyone else experiencing this?
anon42day Posts: 45
i got married last year too and up until about 6mths before the wedding my hubbie was saying he would like to wait a year - I was not too happy about this at all as I was dying to have kids but as I said a few months before the wedding he just changed his mind - said lets try straight away -I think my saying it could take a couple of years may have had something to do with it - I know you are saying you don't want to pressure him but I would certainly let him know how strongly you feel about it and it can take a few years in some peoples case - so when he does decide he may be disappointed that he waited so long when he realises it doesn't just happen automatically.
sally Posts: 1140
My hubbie is like that too, we are married a year and a half. I would have liked to have started trying last sept on our anniversary but he wasnt ready and it wouldnt have been the best time financially. I have got him to agree a time to start trying though which will be next sept after we have our (hopefully) last big holiday on our own. Maybe you could try and pin him down to a date, I find having a time to focus on makes it easier so im doing lots of reading about pregnancy and babies and the closer it gets the more excited im getting. Thing is I tend to want to talk about babies loads and his eyes just glaze over which I find very annoying but men are men, reckon he wont want to talk about the baby till he or she is crying in his arms!!!