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sarah1979 Posts: 198
Mustang Sally Posts: 394
You poor thing :action32 I had a phase like that too. I booked everything in a rush at the start and then worried I'd made the wrong decisions. 1. You didn't make your decisions COMPLETELY willy nilly, you obviously liked your dress/band/colours. SOMETHING about them spoke to you so when it comes to the day it will most likely all come together beautifully. 2. It's normal to have doubts. It's an important day and you want things to be right. 3. Quirky, designed yourself invitations sound awesome to me. 4. If you had bought the dream expensive dress you'd prob be stressing more about how expensive it was. So go on tell the negative person in your head to go piddle off and bother someone else :)
mrsryan07 Posts: 274
[quote="Mustang Sally":33ygi8w7]You didn't make your decisions COMPLETELY willy nilly, you obviously liked your dress/band/colours. SOMETHING about them spoke to you so when it comes to the day it will most likely all come together beautifully.[/quote:33ygi8w7] +1 to that I think it's normal and you'll end up kicking yourself when you find a cheaper deal somewhere else. But as Sally said, you've picked the things you have for a reason and I'm sure the day is going to be absolutely beautiful in the end. When's your wedding on btw?
bosshogg Posts: 159
I am in complete agreement with Mustang Sally and yvonne0815. You must have faith in what you've organised so far. I've gone with invites that are silly and fun and sometimes I imagine my very conventional aunt opening it and I squirm a little but you know what I would hate to pick something just 'cos it was to everyone's taste! So go you! I think they'll admire you for it - I certainly would. I had the same issue with a dress, tried one I had coveted and actually considered blowing the budget but then got real. I don't want to be feeling I compromised on something else. I've collaborated on a design with a designer and hoping to love the end product but not certain til I try the final thing. What i'm saying is EVERYONE has doubts. Even Kate Middleton I'd wager! People love a wedding and are gas when it comes to offering opinions. I've got everything from: am I going to do sunbeds to whether I'm going to get plenty of boning in my dress!! I'm a fairly regular sized 12 so a bit taken back to be honest! You're not alone with worrying about peoples's opinions. All I'd say is you know what suits you and the brides that look amazing are those who've stuck by their guns and not conformed to what others expect of them! I am saying this to myself also! Best of luck with all and try to smile and not really absorb (sing a happy tune in your head) all the advice. That is my mantra at present :xxs
candlequeen Posts: 991
[quote="sarah1979":1pfeea0y]Is it just me or is anyone else doubting decisions you've made... I bought me dress. It's not the one cos that was WAY too expensive but it's still very nice. I haven't shown anyone it but when looking at pics of wedding dresses with friends I point out similar styles and say"what ya think of that one" and they say "ah it's ok" or "no don't like that one" I'm the same with my band ( i havent heard of anyone else who has had them so im freaking out about that!) venue, menu, choice of colour for boys suits (grey or brown or navy) or whether we should go traditional w waist coats or just ties! I designed quirky wedding invitations and am really worried about the comments that might be made about them. All of this is really stressing me out! I felt pressurized to make decisions so that I would have things booked but now I'm terrified that everything is gonna be sugar..[/quote:1pfeea0y] +1 on everything, that was me last week. Had to give myself a talking to! 1. Dress - I loved it enough to order it. Nobody else is wearing it, so it doesn't really matter if they like it or not. Regardless, I can't see anyone coming up to me on my wedding day saying "you look sh!te". :o0 2. Band - I booked our band on the strength of their promo video. Nobody's heard of them. BUT - they're a gigging band so they can't be horrible! At least I'll be able to tell other people what they're like. And they were cheaper than every other band I rang. 3. Suit - I got my boy a pinstripe suit, he won't match any other person in the Bridal party, but he's still going to look great. Likewise, I can't see anyone on the day going "god, that child looks desperate." 4. Invites - I cross stitched mine. Was worried that people would think it's very cheap or plain looking, but you know what - if they were the fanciest ones in the world people would comment that I'd money to burn, so you can't win - it's going to go in the bin anyway. Could not care less what people think. 5. Waistcoats V Ties - Not a clue yet, going to order the waistcoats on eBay anyway and if they look horrible I'll sell them on again. Ordered cravats but my OH has quite a short neck so I've a feeling he's going to look like he's stuffed :o0 - sure if they're rotten, I'll get ties! DON'T PANIC. And stop worrying, if you're trying to please other people you'll never, ever be happy because it just can't be done. Please yourself and your OH, and make sure ye are happy with your decisions - feck everyone else, there'll always be someone giving out about anyway, but as I do say - they've little else to be at. :heartbeat:
highbeam Posts: 2578
Your definitely not on your own on this. I went through a phase of doubting everything Id booked apart from the hotel. There were very few reviews about suppliers we picked and I was really starting to worry. But in the last 2 months Ive heard great things about our photographer, band etc from random people Ive met or people that have been speaking to my parents or the bridesmaids. Its funny how many people have seen them at weddings or used them and only had great things to say about them, so sit tight and Im sure you will hear good feedback. I think because there is such a big gap between booking things and the wedding you have a lot of time to think about things and second guess yourself when there is no reason to. Dont worry about your dress, it will be fab. You should stop pointing out similar ones to friends. If you look at the you v model thread youll see how much better real brides always look than some stick model posing in a magazine. Love that your invites are quirky and unique. Try not to fret over what you have done already, remember why you booked them in the first place and then move on to the next thing.
white wedding Posts: 59
Hi Girls, I went through two phases of this already, getting married in May, mine was venue and band. Lots of people around us getting married too and i felt that their decisions were better than mine and i had to go see the venue again and tried to get my sister to go see the band at someone elses' wedding- which she refused to do. She sat me down and told me to cop on and she was/is dead right, my fiancee said to me to forget about everyone else and that the wedding didn't matter it was our marriage that was important and he didn't give a shite if the whole day flopped, unusual for such a worrier but then i realised i was being ridiculous and its as good as you make it, my sister had a small, elegant affair in a small venue and we had the best day ever!!! Be happy with what you had decided, as long as your H2B turns up with friends and family, they get fed and a chance to dance you have a day to remember!!!
sarah1979 Posts: 198
Thanks guys for all your reassurance :) feeling a lot better now!! I've 6 months to go so will have to keep reading your posts to keep me sane lol