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vonnyoc Posts: 2688
For your AF type symptoms to ease off?? I noticed today mine are getting lighter and I'm freaking out incase my hcg levels are dropping or something. Or is this the calm before the storm :o0
Blackbird Posts: 5135
I'm not in P+B that much but just saw a post with your name on it and wanted to say congrats! I remember you from TTC. You must be very excited to be here, I know it was a long journey. It's worrying too. On DS1 I felt like AF was coming, cramps, etc but it did ease off. Didn't feel like AF was coming at all on DS2 so I think every pregnancy is different. You panic when you have symptoms when you're pregnant and you panic when they go away! There is no pleasing us. Wishing you all the best for the road ahead. :o)ll ETA, just saw your other post further down the page, I should have posted there!