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Tomogotchie Posts: 1
My sister has asked me to be matron of honor. We are not close and never have been. She is asking me because I’m her sister and she has told me this. We get each other’s back up all the time and I always feel tense and on edge when I’m around her we are very different. I feel this will destroy and fragment of a relationship we have. She has told me to show up on the day and she doesn’t want me to help or do anything. I fear this will not be the case as she is very controlling. My husband thinks I’m mad if I go ahead with it as she will lay down terms and conditions and I’ll spend the next year and a half being bullied. When she asked me all I felt was anxiety and dread. Which are not the right emotions.
CasualBride Posts: 574
If it was me, I'd say no - it sounds like you are both in agreement that you're not close or friendly so I'd say to her that you appreciate the gesture but that you'd prefer her to be more true to herself and to choose a friend who she will enjoy having as part of the bridal party, otherwise it probably will be really stressful and cause your relationship to be even more strained - it's not as if this is going to bring you closer together so I'd be inclined to say thanks but no thanks