Is It Possible To Get A Breast Fed Baby Into A Routine?!

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hairdye Posts: 1129
Or am I asking too much?! My little boy is 3 weeks and we have no routine whatsoever! He feds roughly every 2 hours but this can change to hourly or 3 hourly depending on the time of the day! Is this normal? I can not predict what he wants and when. Is it too early to think about a routine? Or should I be making small moves towards a routine to lay the foundations early on for a good routine? Did any of you follow Gina Ford/Baby Whisperer/etc? I havent read any of their books, I'm just being led by my baby at the moment. Or am I nuts to even think about a routine at the moment?! Would love to hear from other breast feeding Mums :thnk
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
Way too soon. I wouldn't worry about even thinking of trying to establish a routine until 12 weeks. Feed on demand and take your cues from baby.
hairdye Posts: 1129
[quote="Anne Cordelia Shirley":1sjhek7s]Way too soon. I wouldn't worry about even thinking of trying to establish a routine until 12 weeks. Feed on demand and take your cues from baby.[/quote:1sjhek7s] Thanks ACS and thanks for not saying I'm nuts when clearly I am!
CherylC Posts: 1071
Completely agree - 3 weeks is way too young. I would also wait till 12 weeks+ to even start to think about it (and even then its not necessary - its up to you and them). Just go with the flow for now - feed baby when hungry, let them sleep when tired. My DS feed pretty much non-stop for the first few weeks (or it certainly felt like it!). But gradually they will start to stretch out the feeds a little bit for you.
wowza Posts: 556
Don't be worrying about it. My dd sort of fell into a routine when we started her on solids at about 5 months. If she hadnt then I probably would have started trying to establish one at 6 months. 3 weeks is definitely too early and if you try now it will just stress you out!
pinkerbelle10 Posts: 705
Oh I remember driving myself mad about this! The answer its not possible -way to early so don't even bother trying. I went to a breastfeeding class when he was 3 weeks and the nurse breastfed babies don't fall into a routine until much later and that I should feed on demand. Once I stopped stressing about it, everything was much better. Around 3-4 months DS got into his own little routine with it and we ended up with a great routine that we kept up until he was 1 year old. So don't stress! Its perfectly normal! Oh and fyi - DS had a couple of growth spurts (particularly one at 6 weeks) where he was just stuck to the boob :o0 non stop. Thought I was losing my mind, but again this was totally normal and lasted only a couple of days. Hang in there - you are doing great !
elpi Posts: 748
I think 3 weeks is a little early but I found with DS from about 6 weeks I took note of what times he fed/napped etc and used that to start getting some bit of routine.
MrsMommy Posts: 1112
Yes it is possible but it takes time. We had a regular enough routine at two months, mostly due to me having to pump (supply issues). LO fed every three hours, and I would pump after. By four months we were on a definite 3-4 hour schedule and sleeping through for the most part. By 6 months we were on every four hours. I found LO to be quite responsive to routine, probably stemming back to the feed, pump, top up routine from very early on. In a lot of ways I would have preferred a more natural 'on demand' to what we had, but the routine was nice all the same.
Dub M Posts: 269
I was the same trying to get my LO into a "routine" from day 1..until I realised im not a routine kinda gal. I kept looking at the GF book and all I felt was stress and pressure. Lucky for me we have the most chilled out little girl now 20 weeks and technically not much routine. Having said that she gets 5 BF between 7am-8pm and a dream feed any time from 2230-midnight. She gets a bath every night and bed usually around 830pm. Ive been trying to get her to do two naps per day, which usually happen when she falls asleep in her chair, buggy, car around 1030 am and 3pm ish, but doesnt happen every day. She feeds roughly every 3-4 hours but if im going out I feed her early or if im exercising etc so I feed her when suits us both. We recently went abroad with her and expected it to be chaos as she was up really late on the days she was travelling but went fine no hassle. I know our lack of routine doesnt suit every baby but our baby sleeps 12 hrs a night since 3 months and will nap on the go without being cranky so see how the next few months go. Routine isnt for everyone!
Delphinium Posts: 3027
I'd agree with everyone else here. My Mum had me demented saying I should have DS in a routine but easier said than done. I found Secrets of the Baby Whisperer v useful as it's more about reading baby's cues and routine as a way of doing things rather than a timetable a la Gina. Far more suitable for a BF baby.