Is it possible to go into labour when not engaged??

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StellaBella Posts: 432
I had my midwife appt in the gp today, and she told me that the baby is not engaged at all but is head down but that there is plenty of time. I am wondering does that mean then i won't go into labour until the head is engaged, or is it still highly possible to go into labour, as u can see i am only a week to my due date!!
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Holly we were told at our antenatal class that a lot of heads only engage when a woman actually goes into labour, hth :wv
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
I went into labour and DS was a footling breech so definitely not engaged! :eek
Daff Posts: 11644
don't worry you can still go! best of luck!
ticketyboo Posts: 625
agree with the other posters, can go into labour without being engaged. good luck :wv
JourneyNo2 Posts: 220
Holly I went into labour about 3.5 weeks early - and baby came within about 5 hours- but I never had that uncontrolable urge to push that most mothers have - I just pushed when the midwife said to push but I never really felt the need - this is because baby was still quite high even up to the last stage of labour - so am pretty sure the head was not engaged when it all started !!!! best of luck xx