Is it possible to have a Wedding on a tight budget???

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I-dunno Posts: 20
Hi guys I'm newly engaged and was just doing a bit of research for the wedding. We haven't set a date yet as we have to buy a house first so most of this year (and most of our money!) will be dedicated to that and for that reason we can't justify spending a fortune on a wedding. I'm just looking at different ideas now. If you are planning or have had wedding on a tight budget any help or advice would be greatly received! This is what I'm thinking at the moment: Probably like every other bride starting out I don't want to spend an obscene amount of money, I think I would like a civil ceremony with a blessing and a reception for approx 60 people in a nice venue, Preferably where you can play music til 1 or 2am and have a good old party! Am I dreaming or is this possible? I'm wondering could you rent some kind of hall and do it up, hire tables chairs and do a buffet style dinner and just have a DJ (or risk using iTunes with someone supervising but that could be risky if something breaks!) or maybe it's worth forking out for a hotel to get everything included?? The important bits that I don't mind spending the money on are: The dress / bridal party wear The food The photographer (no videographer) Flowers for bridal party. Isn't it crazy how if you go to book a party it will cost significantly less than if you say it's a wedding! I just want to avoid the extra costs as much as possible Thanks
sonopotere Posts: 1124
well how tight a budget are we talking???? from all the advice off this website and cutting things down such as no favors, no videographer, no wine at tables etc you could cut it down a lot. but TBH is it worth having a wedding thats going to always remind you of how much you had to scrimp and save??? would you consider putting it back by one year even so you could have more of the things that you want? but again, im saying this not knowing what your budget actually is, maybe you have more than im thinkin?
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
Congrats on the engagement :xox If you have decided that the civil ceremony and buffet is the way to go then this is definitely cheaper than a church and sit-down meal affair. I was at a dinner recently in a golf club, the couple had a blessing and then an evening meal and it was lovely. The room was the perfect size for the 40 people there and because of the time of year, we couldn't see much but the scenery etc would have been even nicer in summer. With the new laws now, hopefully venues will start coming on stream for civil ceremonies, so you can have everything in the same place. For me, renting a hall would be a lot of hassle to organise and unless you are Peter Kelly from Brides of Franc who calls in a few favours, I am not sure there would be much saving. I wouldn't be in favour of the I-pod as I feel a proper DJ can judge the crowed and play stuff to get them going accordingly. You can also making savings in other ways by ordering your dresses from the US, make your own invites, use an M &S cake, a florist can do your bridal flowers and any others can be ordered through a supplier if you are willing to do them up in vases yourselves, use a normal car to get to and from etc., the photographer might do the photos in such a way that you can print yourselves or get an album done later etc. The only thing that concerns me is the fact that you are buying a house first. This will take up every penny you have and more. I feel you would be better to get yourselves in there and settled and then you will know how much money you can put to one side for the wedding. Either that or book the venue well in advance, I know somebody that has booked her venue for June BH 2010!!!! Best of luck with it all anyways :wv
I-dunno Posts: 20
Thanks for the replies! Well I'm thinking I'm not spending more than 15 grand??! Am I right in thinking that you just pay the hotel per head rather than a fixed fee and then the price per head for dinner? I really like the idea of a buffet, my friend had one at her wedding and apart from being a cheaper option it got everyone up and mingling which was great. The only problem is I don't know if there are many venues that cater for weddings of 60 or less can anyone recommend places in and around Dublin? Those are great suggestions Lippy and I'd have no problem doing them and yes I am getting ahead of myself a little, realistically we could be waiting til 2010 to get married again we get the house and get settled but hey no harm in a little forward planning eh?!
monkeysgirl Posts: 79
It is possible we bought our house last june and were getting married this coming May. Lots of ways to save... Use your family for all you can... Mams making our wedding cake... H2B's uncle is doin the photos... Auntie is doing the flowers... Uncle is driving me to the church is his car... ask around u'll be surprised wot people can do and u'll find most people are only tooooo delighted to be involved... keep the numbers down don't invite everyone you ever knew.. be ruthless keep it to the important people if you haven't spoken to them in two years don't invite them... we're having 60 at the wedding and the majority are the people we're closest to and would want to be there... it is possible but u do only get one big day so don't scrimp on the things that are important to you and no rush another years wait to save a bit extra for the things you want won't hurt
Sheedy Posts: 7
15 Grand is a huge budget. I'm having a buffet for 140 after a church wedding. Got the wine on a special offer in fine wines 70 bottles for 280 and its not bad. FInger food later and corking the wine. all in all the hotel is costing me 5,500. Between the dress, flowers BM and FG dresses the whole lot came to 9,000. Honeymoon another 2,000. Got a guy from work with an expensive Nikon to be photographer, he's quite good. Got another guy that I know to do caricatures in the hotel as a pressie, my aunt baked the cake and I'm borrowing flashy cars from my friends. think I did well. 16 days to go, hope it goes ok, my stomach is doing somersaults!! oh, my sister did a great job of the invitations. Got lots of compliments on them. Congrats on the engagement. My advice is to pay for things in stages. url=] [img:26n878ph];10704;94/st/20080125/e/Our+Wedding/dt/5/k/fc33/event.png[/img:26n878ph] [/url]
ditzypixie Posts: 1397
€15k is not a tight budget. We are doing it for roughly that. That was our budget and we forgot about a few things (pre-marraige course!!) which has pushed it up by a bit. But we not cutting back on anything that we want, we have a fab venue and everyone that we want at it (about 150).
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
We did the whole shebang for 15k. Check out my post: ... c&start=30 HTH *) .
I-dunno Posts: 20
Oh that's good to know that it can be done for less than €15 grand! Obviously if I can do it for less I will! Did or have most of you booked a midweek / offpeak wedding?
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
[quote="I-dunno":2mpkjywf]Did or have most of you booked a midweek / offpeak wedding?[/quote:2mpkjywf] Our wedding was on a Thursday but we didn't get a discount! I booked it Nov '06 for Aug '07 so I couldn't get a Saturday so we paid the full whack, but we got great value for money, so no complaints!