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Muriel09 Posts: 361
Start a 10,000 word thesis 2nite that's due in on fri? all tips are welcome :ooh
Valkstar Posts: 2747
Of course it's possible to start it tonight whether you get if finished by Friday is a different matter! ;o(
bangel Posts: 2285
What's it on?? Haven't done a thesis (yet) but do you not need to do focus groups and stuff. (proof- read both my H2b's, an AWFUL lot of work went into them). DO you have any research done?
ditzypixie Posts: 1397
Ouch!! I'm not even going to ask why! Haven't done anything that drastic but once did a 3000 word essay from scratch (from going to the library to research it to writing it) in 4 hours. Wasn't my best work but it got in. And today is only tuesday............
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
Yowzers..cutting it fine there! You might get 10,000 words written...but a hell of a lot of research has to go into a thesis. Have you done that bit yet or are you totally going from scratch?
Muriel09 Posts: 361
Thanks for all the replies so far have the research done haven't started to write it yet......... O:| :o(
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Jellybrain Posts: 964
My advice would be to get off WOL and get starting!!!
bangel Posts: 2285
[quote="Jelly-Bean":2ak7sx8n]My advice would be to get off WOL and get starting!!![/quote:2ak7sx8n] You took the words right from my fingertips. Exit explorer, open word, set up your indexes and tables of contents and start typing. Good luck
Muriel09 Posts: 361
Hepburn :o0 drinking it already! Okay i'm logging off now, send good thoughts my way please :-8 thanks fo rthe replies so far xx