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Love Street Posts: 359
do temporary alterations on a wedding dress?? my sil's friend is lending me her dress and while its in perfect condition its a bit big and im hoping to lose more weight before the wedding. what i was wondering was would it be possible to get a dressmaker to temporarily take the dress in without damaging it and when the wedding is over remove the alterations to resore it back to the way it was?
Gummiebear Posts: 2911
You would have to ask a dressmaker but the only way to do this i think would be to take it in without cutting anything off it!!!! This may cause bulges down the sides depending on the thickness of the dress!!!! Where are you based?? I have a number for a dressmaker in dublin if you like!!!
Asics Posts: 1935
I don't think it would be possibly but then im no expert check it out with a dressmaker. Did you check out the buy & sell on here some fab dresses going for a fraction of there orignal price might be worth checking out :wv
fruitypie Posts: 826
I think it could be done if it's done professionally, and I would also ask the owner of the dress if she minds..
Love Street Posts: 359
hi thanks for your replies ive asked the owner and she doesnt mind once it doesnt damage the dress :o)ll ive been scanning the buy and sell here for over a year and no joy(well there is if your a size 10 but i dont think i would get one leg into a dress that size :o0 )