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sorry anon _ Not normally anon Posts: 1
Im not due on till next week, but Im having alot of cramps and feeling quiet sick in waves. Could I possibly be having a few signs so early.. Maybe its just a tummy bug and im feeling excited.. How early do you start getting these signs>>
MrsHawaii05 Posts: 488
Hi there, with me i had the exact same symptons as if I was getting my period so i waited another week no sign so I took a " first response" test- as per its name, it detects the early pregnancy hormone before your even due your period! Do a test and put your mind at ease, as these could be early pg symptoms but then again like me it could be just that you are due your period So exciting!!! Hope you get the result you want *)
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
Anon, Fingers crossed for you, I know its hard to stay calm and not get excited but I hope it all goes well - the boobs getting tender is a very common sign!